Saturday, May 2, 2020

Newell Renewal - Day 15

6:44 am - Saturday - May 2nd - Wittmann, AZ - 66° F, 31% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north by northeast......clear, blue, sunny skies today with a more pleasant forecast high of 94° F.  On this day in 2018 we visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.... was all, and more than I hoped it would be!

By Friday morning it was obvious the tailights we ordered from an Amazon seller were lost in transit, so the seller refunded my money.  So here we are with no tail lights, which we must have to move the 1984 Newell Classic down the road.  What do we do?  Wait another week for another seller to ship to us?  Tom called a few places looking for the correct tail lights, which are very hard to find locally.  Fleet Pride told Tom to call an outfit called Lighthouse of Arizona, which he did.  They advised they had two of the necessary 5 lights we needed to replace the remaining five sealed tail lights with blown bulbs.  We decided to drive into Phoenix to buy them, and make do with that.  All 6 tail lights on this Newell perform identical functions.....they act as running lights, brake lights, and turn signals, so we only really need two functioning lights on the rear to be legal.  We'll get the rest down the road.....

Tail lights are back in place was an hour and one half drive into and back from the store located in Phoenix on 29th Street.  Upon return I quickly installed the two new tail lights, then filled the rest of the blank spots with the defective we have three working tail lights....two on the left, and one on the right.

In Tom's mancave he has a toilet and a urinal.  Every time I use the urinal I get a kick out of the blue lettering on the back wall of the urinal.  It is an apt portrayal of how a very large portion of the American public feels about the ACA* after all these years.......

......we were also awaiting the arrival via FedEx the flange gasket needed to reinstall the Leece-Neville gear driven alternator, which we have had for over week.   It also did not arrive as scheduled, and promised.  This missing flange gasket is the last item we need to finish the last project awaiting completion.  It's been sitting at one of their Phoenix locations for over two has been scanned 3 times, but has not moved.  I called FedEx to have them find out why it is not moving, or being delivered.  After 30 minutes on hold I was told they would have to open a 'CASE' and get back to of 7 am this morning (Saturday) they have not done so yet......

The old flange gasket

....meanwhile, Laureen replaced some blown LED strip lights up front (blown by the failing alternator power surge)......

....and did some more trouble shooting on the marker lights.....

....and Glenn washed their Honda Element..... the end of the day with no resolution in site on the missing in action flange gasket we decided to drive into Wickenburg on Saturday to by some gasket material and make our own flange gasket.  Once we get the alternator installed we will be done, and will be in position to roll the 1984 Newell Classic out of the Newell House where she has been for two weeks, and then depart the Wittmann compound early Sunday morning for Flagstaff (7,200' elevation) and much cooler daytime temps.

Once piece of good news is that the replacement back up camera monitor (also damaged by the power surge) did arrive via UPS Friday as promised....UPS seems to be the only carrier delivering things on time these days.  Another piece of good news is that we have mostly solved the air leak problem down to where it is very, very slow.  And finally, all of us here at Newell House continue to be asymptomatic!

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*ACA = Affordable Care Act aka: Obamacare

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  1. Clark - can you do me a favor and stencil "Medicare" on the urinal as well? Funny how there are so many people on medicare who don't seem to like other people to have healthcare!

    1. Rick, this has never been a 'healthcare' issue. Healthcare is available, without discrimination, to everyone in America. Need an emergency gall bladder surgery, no insurance, you get the surgery. Need an emergency double hernia operation, no insurance, you get it. Big bill after surgery....sure, but you negotiate the balance, and then pay what you can. The entire premise of the ACA (Obamacare) was that premiums would go DOWN, you could keep your insurance plan, and keep your doctor. That entire premise was demonstrably false, and they knew it. For every uninsurable person who got their insurance, 10 middle class people got screwed with higher premiums, bigger deductibles, less coverage, and fewer insurance options. No one on Medicare is against anyone getting healthcare, so please discard that silly stereo type. I paid for my Medicare coverage for 42 years before I retired.....nothing has been given to me.