Thursday, May 14, 2020

Tony, Tony, Tony......

7:35 am - 4th Saturday - May 14th - Goosenecks, UT - 52° F, 48% humidity, wind - CALM!!!!  NO WIND this morning!  Clear, blue, cool skies today with a forecast high of 82° F.......the view this morning......↴

Every once in a while you need a 'turn down day'......a day when you sort of turn down the volume, and just enjoy being....Wednesday was that day for me......

Turn Down Day by the Cyrkle....perfectly describes my mood Wednesday

......we began our day with moi cooking up some bacon outdoors on our little Coleman single burner stove.......

.......TLE added her wonderful soft scrambled, fluffy eggs, and some fruit.....

Concentrating on the bacon.....

.....and, yes, I am happy! doesn't take a lot to make me happy, and standing over a cast iron skillet full of frying bacon whilst outdoors does not get much better, except for actually eating the bacon, of course.

After breakfast I spent most of the rest of the day sitting in my anti gravity chair reading with Frank Sinatra playing softly in the background.  Except for a brief interlude where TLE got me to walk out to the point and back, I pretty much was in that chair all day.  The walk out to the point, and back is about 1.6 miles.  There was a slight tailwind pushing us out, and a little stiffer headwind on the way back.......

As far as one can walk....this must be a 
great waterfall when the water is running

 .8 miles away 8 pm the wind had died, and we were able to have just our second fire since arriving 5 days ago at was a very nice way to end our time here before we roll our wheels once again......

 An evening without wind means an evening with fire!

.....Thursday we are off to Bluff, UT (just 23 miles distant) where we will spend a couple of days doing some laundry, dumping our tanks, and driving up to see Natural Bridges, which is supposed to open Thursday.

Around 9:30 pm TLE and I headed inside to watch the 3 hour finale of the 40th season of 'Survivor - Winners at War'.  It was the best season yet, and TLE and I would have been happy with either of the final three contestants (Natalie, Michelle, or Tony) winning.  In end Tony's game was just on a different level as he garnered all by 3 of the jury's 16 votes.  He certainly 'Outlasted, Outwitted, and Outplayed' everyone else, and had to make fire versus Sarah to get into the final three.  We didn't get to bed under well after midnight.....very unusual for us.

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  1. When someone talks of cooking outside and mentions a Coleman stove I would never ever picture a butane can cooker as the stove in question.
    I've had a couple and they do the job, usually easier than using the Coleman if all I need is to boil water for my coffee & oatmeal.

    Nice looking country down there, it's been awhile...

    1. Hi Rob.....great to hear from you! It is beautiful country. So glad things are starting to open up once again. We love the little Coleman butane burner....easy to setup and use. I used to have a late 50's one that took white gas, and you had to pump it up to get air pressure to move the fuel into the burner.

    2. My Coleman is a 2 burner propane stove, easy but not as easy as a butane can cooker if one burner will do the job!
      Back when we were camping with all the kids I had picked up a 3 burner white gas Coleman, I had a propane adapter for it! I sold it after the kids started growing up.