Thursday, October 21, 2021

500 miles from SoCal......

 7:24 am - Thursday - October 21st - Carson City, NV - 48° F, 87% humidity, wind - CALM.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 67° F.....another great Carson Valley day in store, but we will roll our wheels in a couple of hours heading ever southward to Bishop, CA today....some 160 miles, and 6, or 7 summits away.  The views this morning......↴

.....on this date in 2013 TLE and I were having brunch at the Campbellsville University cafeteria in Campbellsville, KY.....

We had two main reasons for spending two days in Carson City.....1) Shop at COSTCO and Trader Joe's, and 2) Have lunch with two of my cousins.....Lois and Liz.  I haven't see Liz for at least 7 years, and Lois for 4 years, although we have stayed in touch.  I had contacted Lois about 5 days ago to let her know we would be coming through the Reno/Sparks area on Tuesday, or Wednesday, and she responded that cousin Liz was in town, and that they were having lunch with Liz, and her husband, Rick, on Wednesday....perfect!  Our lunch date was at 1 pm, and we were going to go shopping after lunch, so I had time to kill in the morning.  

I've had a few maintenance projects on the back burner for a while, and since it was such a nice, sunny day I decided to dive into a couple of them. First up was to replace the male and female ends on a short, white fresh water hose I have not been able to use for some time as the original male and female connections leaked badly.  I happened to have on hand brass male and female connectors, so I cut off the old, and installed the new ones. 

Next, I noticed a number of missing rivets on the Newell aluminum siding when we were in John Day, OR....8 to be exact, so I retrieved my pop rivet tool, and supply of aluminum rivets, then went to work.  I had to drill out a couple of the old rivets, but the rest went in pretty easily.

TLE and I took a long, slow walk around Silver City RV Park around 11 am.  There must be in excess of 400 sites here.  The park was sold to the current owners about 3 years ago, and they have invested quite a bit of money in sprucing up the park, and it shows.  Usually when we pass through here in October it is about 60-70% full, but this time around I would say it is close to 95% full.

We arrived at Red's Old 395 Grill in Carson City just before 1 pm to find Liz and her husband already there.  John and Lois arrived a short time later.  It seemed like only a short time had passed when TLE suggested we needed to get going as it was after 3 pm, and we still needed to shop....I don't think there was a break in the conversation for the entire +2 hours!  We said our 'until next times' and bid them adieu around 3:20 the time we got back home it was closing in on 5 pm.

Since we want to get an early start Thursday morning I disconnected the sewer and water, added water to our fresh water tank, and finally, we inserted the VW into the trailer.  We find ourselves less than 500 miles from SoCal.  You notice I didn't say 'home'......SoCal is not really our home anymore.  It is a place we visit a couple times a year to visit our kids and grandkids.  We'll take three days to cover that distance.

For some reason whenever we get together with our cousins I forget to take never fails.  I am usually pretty good about taking the requisite 'usies', but virtually every time we have seen John and Lois I have forgotten, and my record is still intact.....doh!

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