Monday, October 25, 2021

A birthday celebration.....

 7:33 am - Monday - October 25th - Fontana, CA - 57° F, 87% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the west by southwest......cloudy today with a chance of rain anytime now, and a forecast high of 61° F.   On this date in 2020 TLE and I were enjoying another one of those magical Seal Rock, OR sunsets.......↴

We attended our first family function on Sunday, a birthday party for Charlise (she prefers Charlie), but I like Charlise, so that is what I call her.  She is the daughter of our middle child, Kate.  I think I'm the only one who calls her Charlise.  Anyway, this is her 15th birthday, and it is so hard for me to believe it can be true, but it is.  The passing of time slows for no man, not even a 'vagabonder supreme' (credit to Tioga George) like

Charlise Rae in the center with additional grand children (from left to right) Scarlett Rae (daughter of Amanda and Mike....Amanda is our honorary daughter), Crosby Mark (Tim and Laila's son), Nick (Kate's husband), Brayden James (son of Sharon), and Jolene Rose (Kate's youngest daughter)

.....when I spend time with my children, and their children I feel so rich, and blessed. Life is so good!

We were home from the birthday party by 2 pm, and then I spent the rest of the day cleaning, and organizing the trailer for a one month stay here in Fontana......

Well I can see and get at everything again!

.....when the VW is inside, and everything else is stowed for travel it can get quite chaotic, and many things are difficult to get at.....nice to have my garage back for a time!  Oh, and the 'lido deck' is back....well, mostly back.....

The 'lido deck' is making a return at the Fontana/Rialto Elks Lodge there are 14 RV sites, 12 with water and electric (30/50 amp), and 2 with electric only (30 amp).  There is a dump station available which is in reach of my 100' macerator hose, so that is how I dump my tanks...... the 'lido deck' (two up) picture you will notice three concrete piers.  I bought them about 6 years ago to anchor our patio awning as it can get quite windy here on occasion, and since we are parked on asphalt there is no way to utilize the usual ground anchors which screw into the ground.  When we travel I leave them here for other guests to use, and so far, every time we return they are still there.  According to Maureen, the host here, they do get used when we are not here.    

To cap off our first full day here we were gifted with a nice sunset after glow.....

......thanks for stopping by!

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