Wednesday, October 27, 2021

That's a lot of stuff!

 7:14 am - Wednesday - October 27th - Fontana, CA - 52° F, 63% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the north by northeast.......crystal, clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 84° F.....okay, that's a warm one on the way!  On this date in 2016 I was working my last day at Tahoe Valley Campground before heading down to Carson City to meet TLE who was flying back from Texas where she visited with her brothers and sisters for a few days......↴

Since we didn't get all the stuff at my son's warehouse moved Monday due to the rain, TLE and I headed back Tuesday to meet my son Chris and finish the task.  We first loaded the 'donate' pile into the pickup bed of his 2005 Chevy Silverado PU and drove it over to the local Goodwill, then returned to load up the rest of the stuff.   We had planned to donate all the backpack/camping gear to Goodwill, but then  thought it would make more sense to donate it to the local Boy Scout troop which meets at the lodge a couple times per month.  As a result we had a lot more stuff to haul home, and now the trailer is really quite full......

.....thankfully it won't stay that full that long.  Just a matter of separating all the backpack/camping gear from the rest of our stuff and then delivering it to the Boy Scout troop.

After unloading all the stuff at the trailer we headed back to my son's office to return his pickup, and then headed directly to the local COSTCO to pick up a few things we only get there.  The shopping part didn't take long so we treated ourselves to two of their $1.50 ballpark hot dogs with 20 oz drinks.....

......the best food value around!

When we arrived at the Elks Lodge Saturday we had intended to dump our tanks before we parked, however, they now put a padlock on the dump station as non-members were coming in after hours and using the dump without paying.  At the time the Camp Host (Maureen) was off premises and we did not know where the key was....doh!  Oh well, we had at least 4-5 more days before we HAD to dump, so we went ahead and parked.  Upon her return, Maureen showed us where the lock box was, and gave us the combination to it.  Well, Tuesday it became obvious we needed to dump, so I spent the next hour taking care of that.  When we use our macerator pump to transfer the effluent from our waste tanks to the dump station I have to run our 100' hose across the parking lot over to the dump station, then hook up the macerator pump.  All that takes about 20 minutes.  Then there is the actual 'dumping' which takes another 20-25 minutes, and then everything must be put away as we cannot leave our 100' hose stretched across the parking lot in between dumps, right?

By the time everything was put away it was nearing 4 pm, and time for a much deserved shower, and nap!

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