Friday, October 1, 2021

Yes it was.....

 6:50 am - Friday - October 1st - Seal Rock, OR - 45° F, 100% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the east by northeast....clear today with a forecast high of 61° F, but we will not bear witness to that high as we will be somewhere near Vancouver, WA by that time.  Today is liftoff....our view will change without going through escrow, and just around the corner new adventures await.

On this date in 2017 we worked our last shift at the General Store in Mammoth Hot Springs, WY (Yellowstone NP), and celebrated with good friends at the Rusty Nail in Gardner, MT......↴

.....met these folks in mid June, and became fast friends within weeks.  They will forever have a piece of my heart!

The title for my post yesterday asked if Wednesday was my last work day, and the answer is 'YES!'......we awoke to drizzle Thursday morning, and it continued on and off for the rest of the day.  By 9 am I had a text from Terry that there would be no working that day.  In spite of the drizzle, there were a few periods during the day when it stopped and I made the most of the time by removing all the tire covers from the Newell and trailer, and the jack stands under the trailer.  I also moved everything from the rear of the trailer to the front, then moved the suitcases and beach chairs to the hatch of the VW, and removed the mirror and windshield wiper covers.  Last, but not least, I rolled up the last three strands of rope lights, and thus the 'lido deck' just became a gravel patio someone else will enjoy in the future.  On the other hand, TLE did work her 3 hour morning shift, but was excused from the afternoon shift by Michele so she (TLE) could finish putting things away in the Newell.  To avoid any surprises with our turn signals, and brake lights I plugged the trailer into the Newell for the first time in 54 weeks, and sent TLE outside to make sure both turn signals worked on the Newell, and the trailer.....yes they do....CHECK!! Do the brake lights work on the Newell and trailer?? CHECK!!  When we left Ramona Oaks after 9 months we didn't check them until we were ready to exit the park, and found that the brake lights were not working, but the turn signals, and flashers were.  By the time we reached our destination for the day the brake lights began to work once again.  At least this time we know they are working ahead of

As I write this current installment my mind is a blur of memories and emotions as we prepare to roll our wheels in just a few hours from now. When you reside in one place for a year you cannot help but become attached to many things......the view, the people, the weather, the restaurants (I will miss the Camarones Monterey at Fresh Mexican.....OMG!).  While we are both excited to be moving once again, when you sit in one place for a year you become settled, and comfortable.  Today we exchange comfortable for uncertainty, and anticipation.  Will the Newell perform with no issues?  Will our travels today be uneventful, or will Mr. Jello wink at us?

As always on departure days I was awake before the dawn thinking about what needs to be done this morning before we roll down NW Cross Street and turn north on US-101 for the last time this year.  I was going to dump our tanks, and disconnect the water and sewer Thursday afternoon, but it was drizzling, so I will take care of that this morning.  Other than that everything else has been done except inserting the Beetle into the trailer for the first time in 54 weeks.

Thanks to all those who continued to follow our daily lives this past year even though they did become a little too routine and predictable.  Now that we are free to roam once again we hope you will continue to follow along.

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  1. Always enjoy your blog! Safe travels.....see ya down the road!

  2. What a year! You two have had good luck with workamping, and when your luck ran out with a place, you found another...this place was GREAT. Safe travels.


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