Friday, October 29, 2021

A wink, and a nod from Mr. Jello.......

 7:21 am - Friday - October 29th - Fontana, CA - 61° F, 52% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the northeast.....crystal, clear, blue today with a forecast high of 87° F.  On this date in 2017 TLE and I were having dinner at El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant in Page, AZ.....↴

The weather guessers forecast a high of 87° F for Fontana, but it actually hit 91° F Thursday, and for the first time in well over a year we turned on our A/C units.....they still work wonderfully, even after a one year vacation!

My main goal for Thursday was to hand over all of the backpack/camping gear I had sitting outside on top of and under the two folding tables.  I was expecting the Boy Scout troop leader to arrive sometime between 10 am and noon (he was waiting on the termite guy at his home), so I could not leave with TLE to go to her first appointment at Upland Eye Institute to get assessed for cataract surgery.  TLE always went with me to each of my appointments back when I was getting cataract surgery, but due to the Wuhan Flu they only allow her to in the waiting room, and the examination room, so there is really no point in me being there anyway.

Ben showed up around 11:45 am, and within 20 minutes we had loaded most of the backpack/camping gear into his Ford Ranger pickup.  What he didn't take, which was very little, I will donate to the local Goodwill Industries.......

.....over the four days we've been sorting through our stuff we've emptied  quite a few storage bins.....9 by my count.....

......and the trailer interior is beginning to look a little more spacious once again.....

.....once the backpack/camping gear was out of the way I began to sort through all of my bike parts.  By the time TLE returned from her appointment I had managed to get through quite a bit of the bike parts inventory, and only had one 5 gallon can left to sort through when I decided it was time to head inside to cool down in our wonderful air conditioned interior.

When I asked TLE how her appointment went she said the doctor was not advising cataract surgery at this time.  He said her vision is still very good with her prescription glasses, and that there was no  need to proceed at this time unless she just wanted to get it done. He said some of her recent vision problems were due more to allergies than to the slowly growing cataract in her right eye.....WOW.....that was not what I expected to hear.  We had planned to be here at the Fontana/Rialto Elks Lodge for at least 4-5 weeks, but now our plans are in a total state of flux.

Another task we desperately needed to take care of was having our RO (Reverse Osmosis) system serviced. It's been over two hears since my man Ruben Miranda of Kool Filtration has changed the filers and checked the system for efficacy, and Thursday was the day of our much anticipated appointment.  Since we have been out of California since late January 2020 we have not had our RO system serviced since April of 2019.  Ruben arrived shortly after 2 pm, and within an hour our system was serviced, and ready for another year of providing filtered water.  We've been dealing with Ruben since the early 90's, and have become good friends over that time, so while he worked we talked non-stop about our lives since the last time he serviced our RO system.  It turns out he is interested in getting a motorhome, and very interested in Newell Classics.  I may be looking for one for him in the very near future.

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  1. One thing about Jello, you never know when it will jiggle! :) Hope all works out for you.


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