Monday, October 18, 2021

Bath time.....

 6:56 am - Monday - October 18th - John Day, OR - 46° F, 65% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the west.....cloudy today with a forecast high of 58° F.  On this date in 2018 we arrived in Campbellsville, KY at Heartland RV Park to work the 'Peak Season' one last time......↴

It has been at least a month, if not longer, since I last washed the Newell and trailer, and since the temps were forecast to be in the 70's I decided to give them both a much deserved bath.  By the time I finished putting away my washing tools it was after 1 pm.  Hmmmm, what else should I do?  

I still had lots of energy left so I took time to replace the female fitting on one of our fresh water hoses (the shorter one).  We carry two fresh water hoses....a 15', and a 25'.  Which one I use just depends on how far away the fresh water hose bib is.  Sometimes we have to hook both of them together, such as when we are staying at the Fontana Elks Lodge, to reach the hose bib.

Another task I had been procrastinating on was to move the wheel chocks in the trailer forward a few inches so we would not have to remove the bike rack from the VW to close the rear ramp door.  The old bike rack hae a slightly lower profile, but the new one sticks out about 2 inches further than the old one.  We've had to take the bike rack off the VW since we left SRRVC to close the door.  I ended up moving them forward 2.5" and that was perfect.

Around 3 pm TLE and I went shopping at the local grocery store (Chester's) to get some is that time of year again, and I love a little Eggnog and brandy in the evening.  When we got home we inserted the Beetle into the trailer and shut the ramp door....we had about .5" to spare....perfect!  After that I dumped our black tank, and put away the water and sewer hoses so we can make a quick start Monday morning.  It's going to be about 20° colder on Monday, and rolling water hoses up on cold mornings is nigh unto impossible.

We want to be in Carson City by Wednesday in order to have lunch with two of my cousins, Lois and Liz, on my mother's side.....they are the daughters of Uncle Bob who passed a few years back.  At any rate it is about 500 miles to Carson City, and we want to get there Tuesday, so were going to put in a couple of long days, for us anyway, on Monday and Tuesday, which will require an earlier start than normal. We'll probably layover in the Carson City area for a couple of days to visit the local COSTCO, Trader Joe's and In 'N Out Burger, of course.

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