Friday, July 22, 2022

A double header.....

7:49 am - Friday - July 22nd - Likely, CA - 63° F, 29% humidity, wind - CALM.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 92° F.  On this date in 2020 TLE and I were having lunch at Tamarack Brewing in Lakeside, MT (south of Kalispell on US-93) of the best micro breweries we have found in our 10 years on the road......↴ good were they?  We gave them a 5 on Yelp....never before, or since have we done that for any eating establishment.

Okay, you're right....I'm a!  I never got around to writing a blog post for Wednesday, and now it is Friday.  I would normally be writing about Thursday's happenings on a Friday, so it is time to play some catchup.  Today you are getting a 'double header'.

Wednesday was the 4th of four workdays this week, and we affectionally refer to the 4th day as 'our Friday'.  Golfing was pretty slow Wednesday.  I think we rented out 6 carts, 4 of which were back before I went to lunch.  I spent the better part of my day mowing, and hauling grass clippings to our dump all I dumped the trailer three times Wednesday.....that is a lot of grass.....

....I did, however, make a circuit around the golf course to check on the sand traps, and they all needed raking.  The one below is on the 15th hole, and is gigantic.....

.....for me to say it is an acre in size would be a great exaggeration, but it is LARGE!  Every time I'm up there I take time to enjoy the view.....

.....I ended up raking all four sand traps.

By the time I returned from lunch the final two carts had been returned, so over the course of my final 90 minutes of work I got them clean, and parked.....ready for another day.

The heat of the day arrives around 3 pm, which is convenient as I'm off work by then.  TLE usually turns on the rear A/C when she is home for lunch, and it runs from then until 8, or 9 pm each day.  Thankfully, our 'lido deck' is in the shade by then as the sun drifts westward past the rear of our coach.

On 'our Fridays' we typically head out to the 'lido deck' around 8 pm to enjoy the cooling evening air.  The temps are usually under 80° F by then, and combined with the evening breezes out of the southwest makes for a pleasant couple of hours as we talk about our week, listen to a little Sinatra, and watch the darkness overtake the light once again.  By the by, we have added a seat cushion, and pillow (from Rite Aid) to each Adirondack chair.....

So, that was our Wednesday, now what happened on Thursday?

We slept in until after 7 am Thursday, and by 8 am we were sitting on the 'lido deck' enjoying our coffee, and watching stage 18 (recorded) of Le Tour de France.  By 11:30 am it was becoming too warm outside so we headed indoors, closed the windows, turned on the A/C and watched the balance of the 4 hour stage in airconditioned comfort.  I cannot repeat often enough how grateful we are for functioning A/C units.  They are both 40 years old, yet continue to faithfully discharge their duty when called upon each day.

For dinner TLE provided me with two skinless chicken breasts which had spent the better part of the day bathing in a wonderful marinade of TLE's creation.  It took me about 8 minutes to bring them up to 165° F.  TLE had originally intended these skinless chicken breasts for her famous Chicken Marsala dish, but it takes her over an hour to prepare it, and she didn't want to spend that much time over a hot stove....who can blame her, right?  I have to say, this alternate choice, combined with an equally brilliant side salad was amazingly tasty.  I'm still thinking about that chicken as I write this morning.....yum!

On Thursday nights we watch two programs which record earlier in the evening....'Alone', and 'The Old Man' (starring Jeff Bridges).  We watched 'Alone' before heading out to the 'lido deck for our evening libations, and 'The Old Man' after we headed back inside for the night.  

And now we are caught up once again.  Thank you for your patience, and understanding, and, as always.....thanks for stopping by!

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