Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Little golf, and a lot of mowing.......

6:15 pm - Tuesday - July 19th - Likely, CA - 90° F, humidity 15%, 2ind 14 mph out of th4e west......crystal clear, blue, sunny skies all day tod201ay with a high of 94° F.  On this date in 2014 I was riding in the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park with long time friend Paul Hood....we're on the gondola headed back to the top at just over 11,000' elevation......↴

Left to right: Mark, Paul, moi, Brenda, Dalton

Monday was the exact opposite of Sunday.....we rented just 4 golf carts out, but Monday's are also dedicated to clearing all the golf balls off the driving range to wash, and redeposit in the 55 gallon barrel in the Clubhouse.  Having that market umbrella there for that job was just genius on my part.....made the task of washing five 5 gallon buckets of balls very pleasant.  I had to had pick the entire range with the 'Shag Bag' as the Yamaha cart which pushes the ball retriever around the course is still 'inop'....not a problem when you start at 7:15 am before it gets hot!  I might add that 'Miracle Bob' got the old Yamaha, used for the same purpose years ago, working once again, and transferred the ball retriever to it, so this Thursday Walt should be able to pick most of the balls with it.

I headed out to the third hole around 9 am to mow all four tee boxes as is my want every 6-8 days, and was back around 10:30 am, at which time I headed down to the tents sites (4-10) to mow them again, and was done just before 12 pm, and in time to give TLE her one hour lunch break.  

When I returned from my lunch break at 1:30 pm, I was able to get the 4 golf carts washed, along with the John Deere riding lawn mower by 3 pm, and was on my way home.....the high for the day was 97° F, but it felt like 104° F.  

I'm so thankful I can head home around 3 pm just as the temp hits the high for the day.  Those last two hours under my own schedule was tough, but now I'm home in the cool confines of the Newell during those hours.

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