Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The numbers just don't compute.....

 9:22 pm - Wednesday - July 20th - Likely, CA - 75° F, 18% humidity, wind 5 mph out the southwest......darkness has descended, and the cool zephyrs are wafting through the open is good.  On this date in 2020 we were on our way to Kalispell, we are driving along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River......↴

Tuesday was a lot like Monday....few golfers, and hot.  We rented 5 golf carts.  I still had tee boxes to mow at 10, 15, 16, 17 and 18, so I set out to do just that around 9:30 am, and returned to the Clubhouse just before TLE needed to take her lunch break.

As you know, I've not been writing my daily blog in the mornings since I go to work at 6:30 am, so I can be off by 3 pm.  I'm kind of in this ambivalent stage of the summer when every day seems pretty much the same, which makes it difficult to write interesting copy.  I've kind of enjoyed just getting up, getting a cup of coffee, and sitting for 30 minutes before I go to work.  Sometimes a change in routine is needed, and warranted.  At any rate, I am still, as I have been for 10, almost 11 years now, committed to writing a daily blog.  For now, until things cool down I'll be writing it in the early, if not later evenings, like tonight, since I'm off work now for the next 4 days.

I've enjoyed watching a little of Le Tour de France each morning before work (my DVR  records it each morning beginning at 3 am PST), then another 30 minutes at lunch, and then finishing it off between 3, and 5 pm.  It is one of those things to which I look forward each July, and being able to renew my interest each July for 23 days makes me happy.  As I write there are only 5 stages left...where have the last 2+ weeks gone?  This Sunday (one of our days off work) they will enter Paris for the final laps around the Champs  Èlyées, and a new champion will be crowned.  

There is something about continuity in one's life which is pleasing, while gently reminding one of the passage of time....another year has come and gone.  In October I'll be 73.....a number which does not compute for me.  I feel the best I have felt in years, and sometimes I wonder at the energy I have to do such physical jobs as I have done the past few years, wondering from where it comes.  In just a few weeks TLE and I will celebrate 51 years of marriage....another number which does not compute for me.

Each year as I look back at the time before we became nomads my former workaday life seems like someone else's, and the more it feels as is we have always been nomads.  There is something about the simplicity of this lifestyle that is so intoxicating.

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