Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beautiful Travel Day

We enjoyed our stay in Belle Vernon, PA.....I'm sure I have said it before, but TLE is the one who finds our overnight spots when we are moving on a daily basis.  She looks for Lowe's, Walmart, Home Depot and Cracker Barrel parking lots to park overnight in.  We tend to arrive at our daily destinations mid to late afternoon, and don't see any point in paying for a full hookup spot in an RV park for just a few hours.  She has really refined the process of picking good spots.  So far in 15 months we have never been rousted out of bed in the middle of the night and told to move.  We haven't even been disturbed one single time.  Lately she has been finding prime parking is where we have access to more services than just Walmart.  Belle Vernon was on of those perfect places that not only had a Walmart, and several nice restaurants, but also a Lowe's, which meant free WiFi.  When she settles on a place to overnight we sit down together and look at the satellite view of the lot, as well as the approach so I'm comfortable with her choice, and can see even what part of the parking lot she is suggesting we aim for.  Then when we get close to our daily destination she'll turn on her own mapping program to guide me works well for us, and removes a lot of my anxiety when it comes to maneuvering in tight places.

We weren't in a particular hurry to leave as we were only covering 105 miles.....our destination, Cambridge, OH.  Now that we are in eastern Pennsylvania, and getting out of the mountainous country the road it becoming flatter, and straighter....that is a nice change, to be sure. 

On top of that the day gave us crystal clear blue skies, something we are starting to get used to.  We even stopped at a rest stop and did a mile + of walking....trying to get back into the habit of walking whenever we stop for a break.

We arrived in Cambridge around 1 pm and since it was early we decided to park in a Kmart parking lot for a few hours.  We had planned to overnight in the Cracker Barrel on the other side of the Interstate, but it was too early, and the parking lot was full.  As serendipity would have it there was also a Goodwill in the same parking lot, so we got dressed and headed over.  This Goodwill was probably one of the nicer ones we have visited.  I found 2 short sleeve t-shirts, an almost new rugby shirt, and a red long sleeve cost....$7.50!  TLE found a nice lined rain jacket, which she needed, for $2.69.....almost new, and probably cost over $40 new......of course, there were also a few paperbacks acquired....:D

After that we bought a few food products in the Kmart, and then walked over to the local Walmart and picked up some wine....they had much better prices than Kmart.

We got back to the coach around 4 (I think we must have walked 2, or 3 miles) and decided to read for a couple of hours before moving our coach over to the Cracker Barrel.  Around 6 we did just that and by that time the parking lot was much emptier.  We snagged a spot behind the restaurant, which turned out to be a nice, private, quiet spot with a little view.

TLE made put together a delicious taco salad with some of her home made salsa, which I chased with a New Albion Ale.  I continued to read while I ate....I'm in the middle of another very good Zane Grey book  called "The Last Trail'....the 3rd, in a trilogy....that is hard to put down.  Around 9:30 we decided to watch a recorded episode of "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares", and then hit the sack.

Sunday we will cover around 185 of our biggest driving days in sometime.....I know some of my Newell friends will giggle at that.   many of them think nothing of covering 4-500 miles in one day....we have left that kind of daily driving way, way behind us.  It also looks like we may be driving into rain....we'll actually be in Indiana at the end of Sunday.

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