Friday, May 24, 2013

IMS - Day # 18 - Traffic Control - 13th Day - Bi-Polar

The main thing I will remember about Thursday, our 13th straight day of work, was how often the weather changed from sunny, to rainy within 30 minutes.  It was hard to synchronize my apparel with the actual weather conditions at any given point I was on the line.  I would go out for my 30 minute shift with a jacket, gloves, etc. on and the sun would come out.  I would go out in short sleeves and sun glasses, and it would start raining.  Thank goodness it never really rained that hard....more like a drizzle.  The only constant throughout the day was it was cool, and the traffic was heavy.  Traffic was heavy because Thursday was the "FREE" admission fee unless you are going into the Museum.

Thursday was also the practice day, and qualifying day all rolled into one for Indy Lights.  Indy Light cars are a little smaller....not much smaller....and not as fast as the regular Indy cars. They top out at around 190 mph.  This is like the triple A baseball league of Indy Car racing where young drivers get a chance to prove their worth.  There was one driver who was just 18 years old, and slated to graduate from high school Saturday.  The actual 100 mile, 40 lap Indy Lights race is Friday afternoon.

We continued our 30 minutes on the line, and one hour off all day long.  Initially our clock out time for Thursday was to have been 4 pm, but due to the intermittent rain they were not able to start Indy Lights qualifying until 4 pm, so we were there until 5:30.

Friday is known as "CARB" day.  CARB is short for carburetor, harkening back to the days of actual carburetors being used to feed fuel to the engine.  This was the day the racers would spend adjusting their carburetors before the actual Race Day.  According to all our co-workers this is the day everyone gets crazy here........a little too much drinking (by the customers....not the workers), but I'm sure that will depend on how cold it is Friday, and right now the weather guessers are predicting low to mid 60's and cloudy.  

Hard to believe there are only 3 days left on our assignment here.  We have made some good friends, and have actually, most of the time, enjoyed our jobs, but we are really, really looking forward to being able to wake up to the sun again instead of walking to work in the dark.

While we were at work Thursday TLE had some Chili slow cooking in the crock pot, and was it ever delicious.  While we ate we watched Master Chef.....I know, how appropriate, huh?

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