Saturday, May 11, 2013

IMS - Day # 5 - Last day before.......WORK!

The rain continued on and off all night and into the early morning.  At dawn the cloud cover was still thick, but it finally stopped raining.  Friday was our last day before we start our work schedule, and start getting up at 5 am.  We don't clock in until 6:45, but it takes us older folk a little time to get our "engines started" in the morning, plus we have gotten into the habit of getting up after 7 (in my case), or even after 8:30 (TLE) for a number of months now.  I did sleep until 6:45 Friday....a big improvement over the prior two days, and TLE decided to get up as a show of good faith.

Around mid morning TLE went out Costco to pick up a few more things.....we had intended to go Thursday, but we forgot our Costco card......haven't seen a Costco in a long, long time. 

While she was gone I put a few things back out (steps, mats, etc.) that we had put away Thursday afternoon when we thought there might be tornado warnings.....don't want any more stuff flying around than is necessary.....and redeployed the window awnings.....still not going to put the patio awning out, because there is a possibility of a couple of windy days on the horizon.

There was not much more going on Friday that stands out in my memory, although we did decide to re-fill our fresh water tank.....we had only used about 40 gallons in 5 days, but if we fill it up to maximum....160 gallons.......and keep our consumption to under 10 gallons a day, we can make it the entire 16 days without having to worry about filling up again.  Since we won't be in the coach 10-12 hours a day our consumption should be way less than 10 gallons a day.  We had to borrow a couple of fresh water hoses to combine with ours to reach the hose bib, which is a couple hundred feet away.

Additionally, we dumped our gray and black tanks under the same theory.  Fortunately, there is a sewer line about 105' from our coach so we bought an $11 dollar 60' throw away hose at Big Lots to couple with the 50' one we carry for this purpose, and use the macerator pumps to push the effluent over to the sewer.  Nice to be able to accomplish all that without moving the coach!

That was pretty much the exciting point of the day.  I spent a few hours reading before dinner, and then we watched a couple of recorded shows before going to bed at 9:30.  Stay tuned for news of our exciting first work day Saturday!

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  1. Gotta love those macerator pumps so you don't have to drag that 45gal blue tank up hill...