Thursday, May 30, 2013

IMS - Day # 24 - BFAW

I dropped TLE off at the Indianapolis Int'l Airport around 5:30 am and then retraced my steps back to Georgetown Court which has been our home address since May 6th.  Thus starts my "Bachelor For A Week" time.  This is the first time Elaine and I have been apart overnight for almost 16 months on the road.  

I made some dry cereal for breakfast and finished my coffee, then got dressed to go out to Home Depot and Autozone for a few things.  I was going to wash the coach, but it was very, very, very humid......did I say it was humid?  I decided that I would sit in the shade and polish the aluminum wheels instead, and hope for a more hospital environment Thursday to wash the coach.  The rear wheels are very hard to work on.....I always feel like I'm standing on my head to get to every nook and cranny of those wheels.  On the other hand, the front wheels are very easy to do and take about one tenth the time.  

 I think they turned out quite well!

On my way back from Autozone I noticed a Peddler's Mall, and several large thrift stores on 38th Street.  I think after I wash the coach on Thursday I'll check them out.

I reorganized some things in the trailer, took a few naps.....still catching up, and before I knew it 5 pm had rolled around.  I ended up getting the two wheels on the passenger side done.  There were a couple of conversations with insurance customers, talked with Krash and Karen about my impending visit, talked with my oldest son, Chris, who forwards my mail when we have an address, and finally my oldest daughter, Meredith.  Around 8 pm TLE called.....she arrived safely in Portland at 11 am Pacific Time, which is 2 pm my time.....about 7 hours of travel time.

I watched a few recorded shows, and was in bed by 10.....not a big day, but a nice day of a little work, conversation with family, and lot of relaxing.....just what I needed.

I've got to get the coach done Thursday because Friday will see me heading north on I-69 to Ypsilanti, MI in the Thunderbird, probably with the top down.

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