Saturday, May 25, 2013

IMS - Day # 20 - Traffic Control - 15th Day - The looming storm

Saturday, May 25th, we were back to our normal schedule of 5:45 am start time.  I am looking forward to May 27th when we really get back to our normal start time, which is being awakened by the sun.  We have worked 15 consecutive days now......we have never done that in our entire lives.......not even at Amazon!  

On this 15th day of our workamper job we were slated to be excused from work at 3:15 pm, because our start time for our 16th day is 3:15 am!!!  It became apparent early on that was more of a guideline, and not a rule.  The reality was our 15th day was to be our longest workday....even longer than any day at Amazon.....13 hours.  I clocked out at 6:35 clock in time was 5:35 am!  TLE did not clock out until just before 7 pm.

What happened in between 5:35 am and 5:35 pm?  Nothing overwhelming.......just a steady drumbeat of people and traffic for 13 hours.  There were a number of events scheduled including an appearance by Parnelli Jones who spoke, and signed autographs.  There was the running of 1950's era Indy Roadsters.  There we probably a dozen of them who followed a pace car (2013 Chevy Camaro) around the 2.5 mile track, some hitting near 100 miles per hour in this exhibition.....pretty cool to see 60 year old Indy Cars running on the track for about 30 minutes.

A good example of an Indy Roadster - a 1957 Kurtis 500 G roadster

Most of the day saw us doing 1 hour shifts on the line, and one hour off.  As the traffic let up we gradually shifted to 1/2 hour shifts on the line, and 1/2 hour off, but the traffic remained steady, and the pedestrian traffic was almost as heavy as Friday's crowd.  

Friday was also the day when many race fans came to pick up their "will call" tickets, so we spent a lot of time......I mean a lot of time.....explaining where the "will call" building was.

The only reason we were excused from work was because the overnight shift had arrived.  When we left at close to 6:30 there was still a lot of traffic....both pedestrian and vehicular.

TLE was taken to Gate # 1 with Sarah to watch that gate the last hour, so we both arrived "home" at different times.  We had dinner around 7:15 pm, and I was in bed by 8 pm.  I sit here at the keyboard at 1:26 am.....we'll be leaving for the check in station at 2:55 am, and be on the job by 3:15 am.....all the gates open at 5:30 am, and it will be a jungle for about 6 hours until the race starts......this will be another 13 hour day, but we should be off by 4.....again, only a "guideline"!

Our marathon is just about over....this is the last time I will be up before the sun for a long, long, long time.  It has been a good run, and the days have literally flown by.....we banked a little over $1,000 on Friday, and will bank a little over $1,300 this next Friday.  

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