Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IMS - Day # 16 - Traffic Control - 11th Day - Nada

Nada......that about sums up Tuesday.  There were a few training sessions taking place so we were checking through many people headed to those sessions.  There were a lot of trucks.....some very tall and long ones.....coming in for the "Indy Lights" race which is Friday.

Since there was only a skeleton crew on duty we were able to drive our car over to Gate # 2 and park there, which made getting to and from work less complicated.....hard to get shuttles back to Gate # 10.

By 8 am the rain came in torrential fashion, accompanied by lightning and thunder, so we retreated to the break tent until the rain subsided, and the electrical aspect of it had passed by.  Within 2 hours the sun was out, and by Noon it was clear blue skies and much higher humidity due to the rain.

TLE, Sarah and I continued our 1/2 hour on, 1 hour off rotation throughout the day, however, when large trucks come in we all spring into action to stop traffic and guide the driver into the tunnel.  One driver failed to swing wide enough to enter the tunnel and had to back out when his trailer began to ride up on the high curb......that was interesting!

Rick, our supervisor, decided to order Pizza Hut Pizza for lunch, so that was a nice treat....thank you Rick!!

Sarah, who is just 20 years old, and going to college studying criminal justice, needs every dime she can earn, so TLE gave her the last 30 minute shift (5:30 to 6), and we headed home an hour early.  An extra hour is so precious.....we used that hour to fill up our fresh water tank.  We had just under 60 gallons, and probably could have made it to Sunday, but since we had the time we decided to just put 100 gallons back in and not worry about it until after Race Day.  The black tank is doing good....just over 1/2 full with 5 days to go.

After filling up the fresh water tank we had dinner, and then watched Revolution, and a recorded episode of CSI....then it was off to bed at 9 pm.

Wednesday is "Community Day" and should be a busy day......

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