Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IMS - Day # 15 - Traffic Control - 10th Day - Tandems

Monday was a nice change from the previous four days where we had very heavy traffic at Gate # 2 each day.  Monday had no events scheduled except the running of the 2 seat Indy Cars for those who have purchased the opportunity to ride a few laps at 185 mph.  they call this the "Indy Experience".  The cars used are exactly the same as the regular Indy cars with the addition of a second seat just behind the driver.  At $500 per ride I was surprised how many people entered the Raceway Monday.....somewhere north of 150.....to partake in the "Indy Experience" ride.  As each car bearing "Indy Experience" people approached I could tell before they even rolled down their window where they were headed.......every one of them had a smile from ear to ear.  It was cool to see how many women were taking rides.....probably between 30 and 40% of the total.  The ages of all the riders ranged from early 20's to early 70's.

Only, TLE, myself and Sarah were on duty with our supervisor Rick.  The three of us (TLE, myself and Sarah) took 30 minute shifts all day long with one hour off in between each shift.   The weather was cloudy all day long....most of the time very heavy, which kept down the discomfort of the humidity.  The temps edged up to 87 again, but with little direct sunlight it was tolerable.  In between my 30 minutes on the line I read.  Because there were no big events scheduled the employee staffing on Monday was "skeleton" in nature, and there were few employee shuttles were running at 5:40 am, so TLE, Sarah and I walked the 1.5 miles up to station 2 in the early morning 100% humidity......."yeah, that's the ticket".

One thing that did keep us hopping was the number of large trucks coming in Monday.  When the big transports arrive we all need to be in the street to stop traffic so the big rigs can swing wide to enter the tunnel.

Elaine and I had decided Sunday afternoon that we would break our routine Monday and go out to dinner after work.....usually we go straight home, take a shower, eat dinner, rest a little and then go to bed.  After a while that routine starts to feel a little claustrophobic....unlike Amazon where we had days off, we are working 16 straight days here.  Our choice to break the monotony was to head back to Grindstone Charley's for a couple of brews, and dinner.  I had their Charbroiled Salmon with a Caesar side salad.  Once again the food here was delicious....definitely a Yelp "5".

We got home from dinner around 8:30, and got to bed shortly thereafter.  Tuesday will be much the same as Monday with a skeleton crew on duty, then back to the hordes on Wednesday.  Only 6 days to go!  Our time on the job is quickly coming to an end, although we will be here until at least June 6th.

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