Wednesday, May 29, 2013

IMS - Day # 23 - Decompressing

Again, another morning waking up to the sun.  When I looked outside it was obvious someone had turned on a giant vacuum......the campground was almost empty.....there are  8, or 9 RV's left, and a couple of tents.  Those who are left will be here the rest of the summer to work the Brickyard 400 and the Motorcycle GP....we'll be somewhere in Alberta, Canada by that time.

Since TLE is leaving on her trip to Portland Wednesday, Tuesday was a day of preparation for her.  First thing up......get the laundry done.....we haven't done a real laundry for 18 days now.  While she did the laundry I drove over to a Supercuts to get my ears lowered.....I really should have gotten a haircut before we started our job, but since I was wearing a hat for 16 straight days it didn't really matter....I was going to have "hat hair" anyway.

After the haircut and laundry tasks were completed we headed to Krogers to pick up a few things we didn't get at Trader Joe's  Monday, and then it was home for the afternoon to relax......well not quite.....TLE did have a few projects to take care of involving her sewing machine.  We have 4 sun screens in the driver/passenger area that are like pull down window shades, except they are silver on the window side to reflect the sun.  Over the years the binding on the edges has begun to come loose, and it was time to just restitch them.  There were a few articles of clothing that needed some attention, too.

As we worked at our chores we could hear the sound of the Indy 2 seaters running around the track......due to the rain storms prior to Race Day they had gotten behind in the ride alongs.  They ran all day long until 7 pm.  It's kind of funny to admit, but I kind of like the sound of those Indy Car engines.

We also pulled all the carpet runners out, did a thorough vacuuming, then polished the wood floors.  Once that final task was completed we took the rest of the afternoon and evening off.  TLE prepared some amazing fish and fried veggies for dinner chased by a Bogle Zinfandel.  We watched Revolution, and then called it an evening around 9 pm.....I have to get up early one more time to take TLE to catch her 7 am flight to Portland.....she wants to leave for the airport around 5:10 least I don't have to put a uniform on, and wear a hat to do that.....:-)

Almost time to get dressed and drive TLE to the airport........thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I found you on the FB RV Blogs site and watched your video interview. My husband and I have a similar story though of course with our own twists and turns. I'll be following along!

  2. I just started following your blog. Thanks go to the Technomads. The work at IMS was pretty interesting. I look forward to reading along as you travel around North America.

  3. Pat, thank you for your interest in our blog. We'll start rolling our wheels again next week. I'm taking a quick road trip in the car up to Michigan to visit friends, and my sister while Elaine is in Oregon.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your video on Cherie's site! See you down the road...