Friday, August 23, 2013

Craigslist, or Ebay?

Thursday started with me on the computer listing all the "stuff" I had cleaned up Wednesday so it could be sold.  It took a while to get the two trikes and the Burley trailer listed on Ebay and Craigslist, but by 10 they were up and within a couple of hours I was getting phone and e-mail inquiries asking questions, etc.  It looks like I will have those three big ticket items sold by early next week.  It will be interesting to see which selling source is the most effective in selling things that are for "LOCAL PICKUP ONLY".  Normally I would just use Ebay, but I have found that when local pickup is involved Craigslist sometimes give me a bigger audience from the local area......we'll see.

We decided to take a ride eastward on the North Idaho portion of the Centennial Trail, which passes within a 100 yards of River Walk RV Park, where we are staying.  The trail meanders along the shore line of the Spokane River for a mile, or so, then along the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene through town, and then out of town.

Our ride - about 11 miles round trip

We got about 6 miles out when we realized it was starting to get pretty least hot for us, so decided to start heading back.  As we were riding back along the Lake Resort area we saw off to the side an interesting coffee house called Calypso's Coffee and Creamery, so we decided to stop in for a cool drink.....Iced Coffee for TLE, and, of course, a Mocha Frappuccino for me.  We sat out on the deck enjoying the view of the lake, and the still coolish breezes coming off same.

This is an internet photo of the view from their deck....I was brain dead and didn't take any pictures of anything, apparently, Thursday....:-(

Before we left "home", anticipating the coming heat, we turned on the front A/C in the coach, and when we returned we were so glad, because it was really heating up fast outside.  TLE got her car keys and headed off to Costco to pick up some salmon for dinner, and get gasoline, while I stayed home in the cool A/C taking a shower, and then a nap.

My sister and her family were coming out from Spokane to have dinner with us here at the park, and it was my job to grill the salmon.  Fortunately our site has, as far as I can tell, the only picnic table, so we pulled that up on to the pad and ate dinner outside (consisting of the grilled salmon, asparagus, and salad) as the sun set, and then got out the portable fireplace and enjoyed a nice fire while we talked until after 9:30.

Friday we will drive our car over to Whidbey Island to visit with friends, Bob and Karen, from my high school days.  We make a point of visiting them at least once a year since they moved here from SoCal back in 1999.  They have a wonderful view of Puget Sound, which I can sit and look at for hours.  The temperatures on Whidbey will be in the 60's for the next week, and there is a possibility of some salmon fishing....stay tuned!

The view from Bob and Karen's property

We have enjoyed our first three days here in Coeur d'Alen, and are looking forward to the rest of the month!

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  1. I have totally given up on eBay! Craigslist is my sole vehicle for selling OR buying now (I even found Lizzie on Craigslist!). Just recently, I sold an inflatable raft that I have been carrying in the RV since Oct 2010 (on CL). tomorrow, I will try to unload a Pentax 35mm camera. Let's see what happens!


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