Saturday, August 3, 2013

Foul Weather Alert!

The weather guessers were pretty much right on with their forecast for rain, just the start time.  As I mentioned in yesterday's offering the rain started around 1-2 am and continued on hard for a couple of hours, then not as hard for the next 12 hours, but steady and continuous.  There was a brief respite around 4 pm, then the rain came again and kept falling until after 11 pm.  This picture is pretty much what the entire day looked like from inside the coach.

The second round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational held at Firestone Country Club came on the TV late morning, and I sat down to watch a little of it.  Since the Golf Channel was finishing up with the 2nd round of the Women's British Open at St. Andrews we missed the first 4 holes of Tiger's round.  By the time we tuned in Tiger Woods was already 4 under par through 4 holes.  Everything was going in for him including 30 foot par puts.  Ultimately I watched the final 14 holes of Tiger's round....he ended up shooting 9 under par, and made a 20+ foot par on 18 for par to finish with a 61.....he had several chances the last few holes to have set the course record at 11 under par, or 59.  I know many do not like Tiger because of his off the course escapades with women other than his former wife, but you have to be impressed when someone tires the course record at Firestone Country Club....a very long, difficult course.  The nearest competitor was 7 strokes back at the end of the day.  Tiger started the day 2 strokes behind the leader and then just lapped the field.  At any rate, had it not been raining cats and dogs I would not have watched the second round of this tournament and would have missed one of the best golf rounds played by anyone this year.

From golf I tuned in the Dodgers vs. Cubs game at Wrigley field and saw the Dodgers win their 12 game in a row on the road with a 6-4 final score.  Then I tuned into FMC to watch some of the Doris Day movie marathon.  We watched part of Calamity Jane, It Happened to Jane, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, and Glass Bottom Boat.  Neither of us has seen those movies for years, and so it was a nice walk down memory lane.

In the middle of all this TV watching we discovered that somehow during the night when the rain was coming down at its hardest water got in from somewhere outside, and pooled under the kitchen cabinets and sink, and eventually got under the wood floor.  We checked all the plumbing, and found no leaks anywhere, so we are quite sure it came from outside......the question is where?

We spent part of the afternoon mopping up the moisture, running a small heater under the cabinets, and trying to figure out where the water is getting in.  Fortunately it never rained that hard again all day, so no new water incursions were noted.  As we have said often before, this is part of the charm of living in a home with wheels under it.  It is nothing catastrophic, but we will need to spend some more time investigating the source of the water incursion.

Other than that it was just a lazy, rainy day in Montana Friday.  We're scheduled to roll our wheels again Saturday sometime.....we'll be driving about 80 miles over to the west side of Glacier National Park.....probably dry camping a couple of nights in Kalispell, MT at a local Walmart, or Lowe's where there is a Verizon store nearby.  TLE's iPhone bit the dust two days ago.....just turned itself off, and will not come back on, so we'll need to determine whether it is fixable, or we need a new phone.  Once that is taken care of we'll visit some friends in the local area, then enter Glacier National Park from the west side to see what we can see.

The weather guesser's forecast for Saturday is partly cloudy, and so far that guess is panning out.  We'll be out of here before Noon and on our way further west.

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  1. I have been reading your blog - about your days - My husband and I just received our start dates for Camperforce in KY - Sept. 30. So we have been especially interested in that portion of your journey. We are retired and live in Northern Michigan - although we spent over 30 years living and working in California. We are a little concerned about our commitment to the CamperForce program. We had planned on working separate shifts because unlike you we do have Pets - (3 dogs, 1 cat, and an African Grey parrot). Not sure which would do us in first - the work at Amazon or living in our 30 ft. Class C (no slides) with all the animals and trying to sleep at different times. Are you planning on going back to Amazon? What advice could you give us - at this point we are re-thinking it.
    Jane and Pat (McGinnis)

  2. Okay, so you're going to do about 12 weeks, right? Won't be back this year....working the sugar beet harvest this Fall. To be honest, it would be tough enough working different shifts, but then add in so many will be very difficult at best. It's tough enough when you work the same shift.

    1. Thanks for the insight - it sounded like a great adventure at first - and lots of enthusiasm from the facebook group of camperforce folks - but I liked your descriptions - didn't sugar coat it but also the good times - mostly meeting new friends - I think we are going to pass - the good thing is we joined our local gym and have finally been getting the excercise we needed.
      I've heard about the sugar beets from some other camperforce workers - where do you harvest sugar beets - what type of work is it?

  3. There are several locations in Montana and North Dakota......we're going to work in Sydney, MT. No stoop monitor gates, equipment, etc. Good pay for about two to three weeks of commitment.


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