Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the beach....

When we arrived at Flathead River RV Resort Saturday we paid for two days with the option to extend our stay.....after two delightful days in Polson the decision was easily arrived at Monday morning to stay for two more days, so I walked down to the office around 9:30 to to see Jaime and pay up through Wednesday when I am pretty sure we will continue southward toward Missoula.......well, I'm reasonably sure..... 

We had thought about another bike ride Monday, but when the temperature was already approaching 80 as we discussed where to ride, we punted on that idea, got out the beach chairs and umbrella and walked down to the beach area along the Flathead River.  We spent Saturday and Sunday site seeing, so it seemed like a day to just take at easy.

We setup our chairs and umbrella on the grass along the water and settled into reading and just enjoying the view and gentle breezes for a couple of hours, and even took a dip in the river to cool down one time.  The water was not as cold as I expected, but it is still cold!

After getting back to the coach we put up the sun shade, and then I went out to the trailer and added the recently acquired license plates to my wall.

During the afternoon I did a little insurance work, and took a nap.  Around 4:30 we decided to walk into town to Glacier Brewery for a beer......it's always nice to have a reward in the middle of a 4 mile walk.  The sun was pretty intense on the walk into town, but, thankfully, some clouds moved in and the walk home was much cooler.

Around 7 pm I SKYPED with my sister Jill for about 30 minutes.  I haven't really talked with her since I visited she and her husband Elliott right after our INDY 500 gig.  Right after my visit they took a trip to Ireland for a couple of weeks, and on the flight back apparently caught some sort of flu super bug that kept them sick for the better part of a month, but they are doing well now.

That was pretty much our day......just relaxing, and enjoying our environment.  As I write I occasionally look out the window at the view down to the river.....it's a little hard to concentrate to say the least.....

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