Friday, August 30, 2013

It's really getting gray.....

I was up Thursday at just 6 am....I had been lying awake for a while before that thinking about the significance of August 29th, and decided to get up and write about it while the thoughts were fresh in my mind.  Of course, initially, I was having trouble with my computer running a little slow, so ran my AVG "1 click" maintenance program and found that my hard drive was very fragmented and needed to be, of course, de-fragmented.  Knowing that would take 30, or 40 minutes I decided wipe off the dew from the 'Bird, and then walk over to the trailer and start bringing some of the stuff I needed to get rid of (stuff that had been in my sister's basement for the last 15 months) over to the coach so I could sort through it and make decisions.  While I was bringing my second load back I met Matthew, an older gentleman, well probably just about my age.  I saw that he drove a Chevy diesel pickup and asked him if he was interested in 4 gallons of Shell Rotella 15w-40 heavy duty motor oil....of course he said "Yes!", so I carried that box over to his 5th wheel in site #32.  While I was there I asked him if he was interested in the other stuff I had hauled over to the coach, so we walked back to look at it, and what do you know?  He took it all!  Wow, that was easy....I really didn't want to throw the stuff away (not the oil of course), and was glad someone else could get some use out of that stuff (a couple of bike trunk bags, a small gas can, the old screw organizer I had to replace in Kalispell, etc.).  So, in one fell swoop all that stuff was gone....that was way, way too easy!  By that time the de-fragmenting program had run its course, and my computer was running fast again, so I settled in to write yesterday's blog entry.....and all of that before 7 in the morning!

Okay, I'm sure some of you are wondering why I had a 4 gallon box of oil that I wanted to give away.  Well, last summer, just before we arrived in Spokane, I least I thought I ordered.......a box of Shell Rotella 40 weight oil....the Detroit Diesel requires a single grade heavy duty motor cannot use multi grade.  When we arrived in Spokane I found the shipment waiting for me, but it was the aforementioned multi grade.  I went back to my online order and discovered I had checked the wrong was my mistake.  As a result I could not get the distributor to pay for the shipping back to the east coast, and so that box sat in my sister's basement for the last 15-16 months.  The Shell Rotella 40 weight oil is hard to find, and since we are on the road moving all the time it is even harder to get.  So, when we had the coach serviced last December I switched to Chevron Delo 100, which is much easier to, that's the back story, or the "rest of the story", if you will.

My last haircut, if you remember, was back in Cochrane, AB, Canada in early July (July 5th I believe) at a place in town called "A Little Off the Top".  It was pretty much the best haircut I have had since I have been on the road.  Well, that haircut lasted about 7 weeks, and I think that is the all time record for me.  By "lasted" I mean it still looked good....usually after 4-5 weeks I start looking a little shaggy.  Nevertheless, Thursday it was time to get my ears lowered again.  Fortunately there is a Supercuts, my hair cutter of choice, less than a mile from where we are currently parked so TLE and I decided to walk.  As I was getting my hair cut I was looking at the clipped hair and realized, for the first time, how GRAY my hair is getting.  It's funny........I look in the mirror everyday, but it's interesting how little I really, apparently, see.

The weather guessers guessed that our high for the day would be 86 with about 10% chance of rain.......once again the guessers were we were walking home from Supercuts we could see a line of rain over the not too distant mountains, but it looked like it was moving northeast away from our position.  You could feel a little chill in the air, and that same air had that wonderful smell of rain in it.  We just took our time walking, because, after all, if we got caught in the rain it's not a big deal.....we continued our walk over to the Regal Theater complex to see what movies are being shown this week, and discovered there was a "food court" surrounding the theater with several interesting places we'll have to check out eventually.

We had barely returned "home" when it began to rain quite about good timing.  It probably only rained for about 30 minutes, but the sky stayed cloudy the rest of the day and the temperature only got to 82.  Of course, since I completely wiped off, and cleaned the 'Bird first thing in the morning it had to rain.....I guess taunting Mother Nature in that manner isn't a good idea, huh?

TLE had a few loads of wash to process in the Splendide, so we just hung out at home the rest of the day reading and enjoying the fact that we didn't have to drive anywhere, sleep in anyone else's bed, or have any dinner dates.  Don't get me wrong, we really enjoyed all the traveling, but we are always glad to have down time after a hectic schedule like we had the past 2 weeks.

There were a few last NFL pre-season games left to play Thursday, and I watched parts of three games before heading to bed around 11 pm.  It was a nice, relaxing day.

Once note of interest, to me anyway, is on Thursday my earnings from my blog, although quite meager, passed $100 for the first time....yay!

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  1. Hi,
    You may have shared it before, but I'd be interested in hearing your blog monetization strategy.
    Do you mind sharing if that is monthly income? You seem to only have a couple ads on your blog, so that is pretty great passive income if monthly!

  2. The total shown is the total earned since I started I said, it is not significant. I am hoping to get it to where that would be the monthly income. The trajectory us upward every month. Right now we're averaging about $12 a month.


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