Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Jello had other ideas......again

**My blog entry was delayed today due to someone hacking my e-mail account, and somehow inserting a virus on my is all fixed now, but has taken half the day to do so, however, I am back up and running again!**

While we were getting ready to make our drive over to Whidbey Island I got a call from someone who had seen one of my adds on Craigslist inquiring about TLE"s Terra Trike Tadpole Trike.  As it turned out she worked just a block from the RV park, and was there in 5 minutes.  She and her husband have been looking for a trike for their daughter for  while now, and TLE's was just what they were looking for.  Their daughter has a health issue that causes a balance problem, so riding a regular bike is not an option.  Within minutes her husband was there with cash and I helped him load the trike.  They are a very nice couple, and we are both so happy TLE's trike will be put to good use again.  

We last visited our friends, Bob and Karen, last July for two weeks.  Ever since they moved to Whidbey Island back in 1998, or 1999 we have visited them on a pretty regular basis, sometimes twice a year.  We love their home, and of course, their company.  I have known Bob since 1963 when I met him at summer camp, and ironically, TLE has known him even longer.  We have known Karen since Bob first dated her back in the early 70's.

The view

We left our coach around 9:30 am figuring our 380 mile drive would take 6-7 hours......and the first 5 hours went exactly as planned.  We chose to drive I-90 westbound to the Seattle area and then take I-405 north around Seattle connecting with I-5 just north of Seattle.  We stopped off in Moses Lake around 11:45 for lunch.....I found a cool little place called Woody's Drive In about 2 miles off the Interstate.  Yelp give them 4.5 stars just as Urban Spoon does.  I think that rating is just about right.  I had the bacon/swiss 1/4 pound burger, which was perfection.

Running quickly through the Cascades.....just before the bad traffic

From there we continued our jaunt westward hitting the I-90/I-405 junction around 2:30 pm.  From there it was less than 100 miles to our destination, and we thought we would be there by 4 pm "easily" running at 70 unfortunate choice of words in hindsight.  We immediately hit heavy traffic, and saw that the Jello had other we inched northward toward Everett it was clear we would not be able to keep our dinner date with Bob and Karen in Anacortes at 4:30.....if we made it by 5:30 it would be amazing.  So, I called Bob with the bad news and we agreed just head for their home in Coupeville.    What we had not thought about, or even considered was Friday afternoon traffic near the end of the summer in the Seattle area.  As we heard over dinner Friday's and Monday's on I-5 and I-405 is horrible....NO KIDDING! Okay, lesson learned.  Ultimately we made it to their home by 6:30.....9 hours of driving.....ugh!  They had just barely made it home from Anacortes, and food shopping before we arrived, so it all worked out in the end.

All that being said, it was so great to see Bob and Karen as we exited the 'Bird to exchange hugs.  We talked non stop as our hosts prepared dinner.  Bob had some salmon that he was preparing to BBQ, and Karen was making a couple of sides (green beans and rice).  We finally sat down to eat outside around 8....the night air was balmy, the view, as always, was incredible, and combined with great conversation it could not have been a better evening!

 Around 8 pm - from the front door

Our day didn't turn out exactly like we had planned it, but it turned out the way it should have......eating dinner with good friends, and enjoying the evening air and view.  

The view first thing this morning

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  1. Just started reading your blog about week or so ago.Really enjoy it i am a arm chair rver really envy u all lol I have a grandson who is stationed at widbey is in the navy.He and his wife live in oak is.Beautiful area enjoy hope to get there myself.Thanks for your great blog an pics so great to travel along.God bless Bob in Md


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