Thursday, August 29, 2013


As we come to the end of 19 months on the road, and begin our 20th month of being nomads it is also another very important marker in our journey together (TLE and I).  August 29th marks the beginning of our 43rd year of marriage, and also the 90th birthday of my father, Arthur Ray.  "Art" as he was known to his friends, died in his 54th year, on January 10, 1978.  He was a large part of our lives, and he loved "The Lovely Elaine", so it was fitting that TLE and I were married on his birthday 42 years ago.  In addition, August 30th, Thursday, completes 19 months on the road living our nomadic life.  I think both of us would agree 100% that we are different people today, because of our decision to cut our ties with most of our "stuff" several years ago.  We like the "difference".  So "Happy Anniversary" to my wonderful, lovely Elaine.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming......what did we do on Wednesday?  Well, at 4:30 am our smoke detector went off resulting in massive amounts of adrenaline being injected into our was only two loud beeps.....beeps to warn us that our 9 volt battery needed replacing....hmmmm.  Needless to say....why do I say that when I'm about so say the "needless" thing......needless to say, we could not go back to sleep, and eventually crawled out of bed around 5:15 am.  Don't get me wrong....I'm glad we were warned to replace the battery (which we have now done), but why at 4:30 am?

After writing yesterday's blog entry, and wiping the dew off the Thunderbird we went out for a long walk down to the Lake Resort.  As it happens, Northwest, which is just a half block from River Walk runs directly down to the resort.  

 The Lake Resort Hotel

The Lake Resort was built, and still owned and operated by the Hagedone Corporation, whose corporate offices are right next to the resort hotel as portrayed by the internet photo below.  The setting is spectacular as you can see.

Hagedone Corporate office (above/below)

It is about 1.4 miles down to the waterfront, and when we got there we decided to walk on the floating boardwalk that takes you out around the is reputed to be the longest floating boardwalk.....not sure if that is in America, or the world, but it is long, and scenic.

I'll never get tired of that smile!

We walked around the marina, then down along Sherman a ways finding several restaurants we would like to try out while we are in town.  By the time we returned to River Walk we had logged around 4.5 miles.  Since it was getting a little warm and humid, we turned on the A/C.  TLE decided she would go and do her shopping while I took a nap.....all those days of sleeping in other people's beds, and the rude awakening this morning have taken their toll.  She was gone about two hours and woke me up upon her return....:-)

We had date with my sister and her husband for dinner to celebrate our impending 42nd wedding anniversary at Picabu Bistro at 6 pm.  We have eaten here 5, or 6 times over the years when visiting, and it is one of our favorites.  If you ever eat here have the "Fire Pasta".....WOWEE ZOWEE!  It doesn't hurt that they have several fine beers on, certainly not!  Yelp give it a sold 4 stars, but in our books it is a SOLID 5.

We bid adieu to Bob and Hilary around 8:15 and headed for our "home" in Coeur d'Alene.....we watched Master Chef, and then turned in around 11.

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversaries! What a great time you are having together in life!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! August 29 rocks - it's my birthday as well! So that's me, your dad, the late Michael Jackson, Ingrid Bergman...
    Laura (1st time commenter, long time reader)

  3. Happy Anniversary you two so enjoy your blog and travling along.Bob in Md


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