Thursday, August 22, 2013


About 14 months ago we unloaded a bunch of stuff from our coach and trailer that we had not been using and put into my sister's basement (in Spokane) for storage......I would conservatively estimate the total weight at around 300 lbs, and very bulky: 2 Tadpole Trikes, one Burley Nomad bike trailer, one CampChef Stove with all the accessories, 2 Columbia Bugaboo sleeping bags, a large bag of clothes, and a Starbucks 12 cup coffee carafe.

 One of the Terra Trike Tadpole Trikes

 The Burley Nomad

The CampChef

When we started on our journey these things had to come along with us. I couldn't imagine my life without them.  By the time we reached Spokane, after only 4 months of travel it became apparent we were not using them enough to warrant all the space they were taking up, not to  mention the extra weight.  We never, one time, assembled the CampChef, nor used either of the sleeping bags, and the trikes only rarely.  In 14 months we did not miss any of the clothing, the trikes, the stove, etc.......they were just part of our memories now, and not really relevant to our current lifestyle.

Nevertheless, when I walked into that basement storage yesterday to clean the "stuff" up so I can sell most of it on Ebay, or Craigslist, the memories came flooding back.....the 500 mile trips I had taken with my brother-in-law on our trikes through the Mojave Desert, and Death Valley, the many, many camping trips with friends and family where the CampChef was the center of those trips......where all our meals were prepared.  Pretty soon, everyone we camped with (my oldest son, his best friend, his father-in-law, my brother) all had CampChefs.

Even though I had rarely, if ever, thought of these items in the last 14 months it is still hard to think they will belong to someone else soon.  Sure, I could hang on to this stuff, but it would not be used, and fall into disrepair.  It is time someone else got some pleasure out of create their own memories....and that is the great thing about memories.....they can't be sold, and they will not fall into disrepair.....they are always there to warm your heart, to bring a smile to your face.

But, of course, I have gotten the cart before the horse once again........We woke to clear skies, and cool temps.  When we were up in Kalispell, MT I ordered a new front hydraulic disc brake for Elaine's bike......the front one was no longer adjustable.  I had the new brake shipped to my sister's home in Spokane, and we had picked it up while at their home for dinner Tuesday night.  I took it over to the trailer, set up the bike stand, and began the installation process.  Within about 30 minutes I had the old brake off, and the new one installed and adjusted.  I forget from time to time how much I enjoy working on bicycles.

Around 11:15 I headed into Spokane by myself to have lunch with my mother, Virginia, who lives a few blocks from my sister in a very nice retirement facility......this place has a full workout gym, library, movie theater, computer room, game room, and bar.....yes, a bar where alcohol is served......I'm talking beer on tap, etc.  Of course, she loves her new home, and I was glad to take a tour, and to know she is in a very good place.

We then headed up Regal to McKenzie River Pizza, one of my favorite places, for lunch.  We had such a nice, long lunch talking, and reminiscing.  Back when my mother still lived in Southern California I used to take her to lunch 2, or 3 times a month, and I have missed that a lot.  It has been 14 months since we have sat across from each other over lunch.

Around 2:15 I took Mom back to her home, and then headed over to my sister's home to start sorting through the "stuff" I mentioned above.  I didn't finish until around 5:30, and still have some more work to do.  Everything is cleaned up, and all the pictures are taken, so now I have to start listing it all on Ebay, and/or Craisglist.

I got home around 6:15, got out the BBQ to cook the rest of our Canadian Filet's.   Just as we were finishing I looked out the window and saw this amazing sunset occurring, so rushed out and snapped a few pictures.

It was a good day of reminiscing, and walking down memory lane......I have a big smile on my face knowing we will be here for a month, and there will be more opportunities to spend time with my mother, and my sister's is good.

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  1. Sure wish you were on the east coast, I could use that Burley Nomad!

  2. Too bad, and I would have made you a great deal....listing the trailer for $250, which includes the rack. I see them new with the rack on Ebay for over $400. Cheers!


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