Monday, August 19, 2013

Wedding Bells....

The reason we came to South Jordan, UT was the wedding on Sunday of our niece, Ingrid.  Since we were staying at The Residence Inn By Marriott we didn't have to worry about breakfast....they provide a FREE full breakfast.....self serve, of course, but very, very nice.

We went downstairs for the breakfast around 7:30 and found my mother, my sister and her family, and my brother and his family serving themselves.   We sat around talking for a couple of hours, and then I went back upstairs to rest before the wedding at 2 pm.  While I was on my computer there was a knock at the door.  I opened the door expecting one of my relatives to be standing there, but saw a "stranger" least at first.....then I realized it was my son, Tim, standing there with a big grin on his face.  He had flown up to see his Mom and Dad.  Talk about a wonderful surprise.....I haven't seen him in the flesh since January 28th of 2012.  As if spending time with my brothers and sister, and their families, and my mother wasn't great enough, now I got to spend a day with my youngest son.

Our son Tim

We headed over to the wedding site around was only about 9 miles from the hotel, and we arrived in about 20 minutes grateful the facility is air conditioned as it was around 95 outside.  The ceremony started around any weddings ever start on time?  It was a lovely ceremony, and within 30 minutes Ingrid had a new last name.  I hope she and Randy have a long, happy marriage.....they should, because they have a great example in both sets of parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Shoemaker

TLE and I attended my brother Dwyer's wedding a little over 25 years ago.  The dress Ingrid is wearing was worn by Dwyer's bride, Lori, 25 years ago.....very cool, huh?

The reception immediately followed the wedding ceremony, and then there was the usual dancing.  Around 7:30 we headed over to Dwyer's home to hang out for a few hours and sip a little single malt Scotch continuing our conversation.  It was a great day whose memory will stay with me for a long time.  In less than 90 days we will be home to see our kids and grandchildren, but for now our adventure continues.  On Monday we will head back north to Missoula to our home, and continue our journey.

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