Thursday, August 15, 2013

The breaks.....

One thing I neglected to report on from Tuesday is that as I was getting into Ashley's Honda SUV  to drive down to Ronan I banged my right thigh against the door jam pretty hard.  I didn't realize it until much later, but I broke something.......I remember thinking at the time that I had hit the door jam pretty hard, but it didn't seem to hurt.  Before anyone jumps too far ahead to a conclusion......I didn't break my thigh bone.......I broke my Verizon HTC Rezound display screen. Geez......I only had 5 months to go before I would be eligible to get a new phone for free!  

Fortunately, I started carrying insurance on my phones back when I got my Blackberry six years ago.  When I got my first Droid phone (Motorola) I dropped it when we were on a bike ride with the display screen landing on the large front sprocket of my bike, shattering the screen.....that was the first time I ever used my insurance.  That time the process of getting a replacement phone was a little involved, and it took over 10 days to get a new phone.  You can imagine my concern when I realized I would have to call the insurance carrier this time to file a claim with the added complication that my geographical location changes every few days, and getting a new phone to me could be complicated.  Just to be clear, my phone still works just fine, but as I slide my fingers over the screen to select programs, etc. I can feel the rough edges of the cracks, and it is apparent that the condition is deteriorating fast.

When we walked into town Tuesday evening for dinner I noticed that there was a Verizon Wireless store on the corner of Main and US-93, so first thing Wednesday TLE and I decided to take our daily walk to the store to find out how to get a replacement phone quickly.  We were greeted immediately upon entering the store, and within a few minutes the lady we were talking with had led me through the process which involved either calling Assurion (the insurance company), or going on line to file the claim.  She encouraged me to use the online option saying it was the quickest way to get a new phone.

Sooooooo.......we walked back home and while TLE walked over to the office to pay us up through Friday.....yes.....we are staying two more days.....I got on the computer and filed the claim.....just as the nice lady promised, it was easy, and I was able to get the new phone shipped to my brother's home in South Jordan, UT, where we are headed Friday for his daughter's wedding.  Okay, this was Wednesday, August 14th.....I just went into the UPS site to check the status of the shipment and saw that it will be delivered to my brother's home this afternoon, August 15th,  before 3 that is what I call great service!

Our friends, Chris and Cherie (Technomadia) decided to walk into town, back to Fiesta En Jalisco, for lunch.......we declined to join them as we were still full from our two restaurant meals on Tuesday, but agreed to meet them at the local Salvation Army store in town after they finished lunch.

I got an instant message from Cherie around 1:30 saying they were finishing up, so we hopped in the car and drove into town arriving at the SA just before Chris and Cherie.  My goal was to find, specifically, a pair of khaki Docker pleated pants, and maybe a nice dress shirt for the wedding this weekend.  Within 10 minutes I had found a virtually new pair of Dockers that fit me, plus a brand new, never worn, 100% silk black long sleeved cost for both items.....$8.25.....retail value of both items.....around $80+.....score.  TLE found a nice skirt, and our friends each found several items.   This is the second time recently we have scored big time at a Salvation Army store.

We needed to do some shopping for dinner, so we headed over to the Safeway while Chris and Cherie walked home.....on the way back we spied another thrift store, and stopped in just to see what they had.......this was my day.....I found an new IZOD rugby shirt, and a virtually new IZOD golf$ doesn't get much better than that.

We were going to BBQ chicken for dinner, and Cherie said she would make guacamole and chips to go along.  We met at Chris and Cherie's site around 7:30 for dinner and sat talking until just after 9:30......another nice evening spent with good friends "breaking bread".

As you know we had planned to leave Polson on Wednesday, but because our friends would be here through Friday we opted to extend two more days....that's what I love about this nomadic life.....nothing is set in stone, and we have the flexibility to change our written in Jello plans.  As a bonus the owners cut our daily rate for the last two days to $45 from $56......yay!

To add a "cherry to the top of the cake" my Dodgers won their 8th in a row last night, and their 40th in the last 48 games.......the best 48 game streak  in Major League Baseball since the St. Louis Cardinals back in the early 1940's!  I stayed up to almost 1 am to watch them win in the bottom of the 12th inning......and I can do where to be tomorrow! Life is good!

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