Friday, August 8, 2014

August 7th, 2014

You can tell I'm running out of ideas for post titles........Thursday was kind of a nondescript day, but let's see what I can dig out from the recesses of my mind to add a little flavor to fourth Saturday.

Since the new Kuat (pronounced Koo-at) bike rack fit perfectly I decided to clean up the old Yakima bike rack and list it on the local Reno/Tahoe Craigslist.  The easy part of that equation was the "cleaning" part.  Putting it on Craigslist took the better part of the day because the WiFi (campground), and my Verizon broadband were moving slower than a glacier at the Columbia Icefields.  I did finally get the pictures uploaded around 9:30 PM and started getting e-mails, and texts asking about it soon thereafter.

The picture that took ALL DAY to upload to Craigslist!

In between my multitudinous attempts to place the Craigslist ad all day I spent time reading, and beginning to take down our encampment a little bit at a time.  

While I was occupied with the bike rack, TLE made a run to Raley's to do her really big shopping, and came away with a .50 cent off a gallon of gas coupon......SCORE!  Normally, on a Thursday the campground begins to fill up, but there is still some hesitation on the part of the tenters to commit to camp due to the ongoing threat of far the forecast rain for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday has not materialized, and the chance of rain for the weekend continues to go down, but there is always a chance, right?

You know summer is coming to an end when the first NFL pre-season football games are being played on August 7th, and I watched portions of a few games before turning them off around 9 pm.  My Dodgers seem to be gathering steam, and are now 16 games over .500 for the first time this year, and 3.5 games up on the SF Giants.  Looks like it will be an exciting final 2 months of the MLB season.

Not much else to report, except I exchanged a flurry of messages with our friends Chris and Cherie about our accommodations at Cape Blanco Lighthouse, as well as the available shopping opportunities in the area.  Looks like I may need to acquire some sort of mobile broadband amplifier while we are in Cape Blanco in order to stay connected to the worldwide interweb.  And, finally, I was able to make appointments (online) with the local DMV for TLE and I to renew our driver's licenses for next Wednesday.  Neither of us has received our renewal notices, so we're not sure if we can renew online this time, or not, so we're just going in to take care of it before we leave California for a few months.

That's all folks!  Thanks for stopping by!

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