Saturday, August 9, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 18 - Username & Password

Friday it was back to the "salt mines" for us.....TLE tells me we have 12 work days left before our departure on September 2nd, which means we have about 23 days left in SLT before we roll the wheels on the Newell once again in search of new adventures and experiences.  Sometimes it is easy to take for granted your blessings, and I was reminded of that once again Friday afternoon when a female customer said "You have about the coolest job ever!".....I slowly looked up from the LED computer monitor I was trying to glean information from, and asked "Why do you say that?"....."Well" she replied, "you get to live in Lake Tahoe the whole summer".  Of course she is right, and sometimes one needs to be reminded of that in the middle of a difficult day at the office.  Once again, however, I get slightly ahead of myself.

The day started off quite cool, but warmed up to around 81 degrees.  Someone mentioned it seemed humid......I don't know where that came always seems quite dry here to me when compared to other areas of our fine country in which we have wintered.  Our shift Friday was our usual 9:30 am to 6 pm, and we were walking through the double glass doors to the office/store about 9:20 to begin our first of three consecutive work days.

I started off my work day as I have been doing the past couple of weeks preparing my paperwork I use when doing my "site checks".  I print out a list of those who will be departing the campground, and a list of those who will be arriving.  Then I compare the two to see which sites with departures will have someone checking into them the same day.  This way I know, when asked, which sites may be able to have a checkout time later than 11 am.  I usually start my rounds around 10 am, which is when I have access to a much needed two-way radio.

By the time I was out the door all three terminals were busy with customers checking in; customers asking if they could extend their stay (this happens a lot), and other varied questions.  I'm grateful I can go out into the campground when the lines get two and three deep in the office.

A steady stream of e-mails, and text messages began arriving at my phone Friday morning in response to my Craigslist ad for the Yakima bike rack I'm selling.  By mid morning I had a buyer, Anthony, who was driving all the way up from Fernley, NV to see the bike rack and buy it if it checked out.  I priced the bike rack at $100.....way under the market value of $ sell it quickly, and that is precisely what I accomplished.  Anthony arrived just after 5 pm, and we closed the deal within just a few minutes.

I'm don't recall if I mentioned it, but last Sunday when I was doing my site check rounds in Section F I was checking on a site that was supposed to have been vacated that morning, but was still occupied at 2:30 pm....we had no one coming into that site, but by 2:30 it was time to find out why the tenant had not departed.  Apparently their refrigerator had bit the dust overnight, and they were trying to get an RV technician to come and fix it, but by the time I arrived they had concluded it would be better to replace it.  Their problem now was what to do with the contents of said dead refrigerator as they were headed to another campground for 5 more days to meet up with friends and relatives.  They were talking about buying an ice chest, or two when I remembered I had the used thrift shop Igloo ice chest I had bought when our kids came to visit.  We were just going to donate it back to the thrift shop we bought it from, so I decided to donate it to them.  They were ever so grateful, and I was able to reduce the amount of "stuff" I will need to get rid of in a few weeks.

During the afternoon our new manager, Duane, asked me to step into his office for a moment.....of course, whenever those words come from the boss you wonder what is up.  Well, as it happens, he had just been advised by the "I.T." department that I had been assigned my own username and password for our computer system.  Up until Friday I had been using someone else's login info to work on the computers.  Now I am completely official.  Of course the next question that immediately arose for some other employees was why did I get mine before them?  After all, many of them have been working several weeks longer than I and waiting for their own usernames and passwords several weeks longer than I.  There is often no rhyme, or reason to the inner workings of the "I.T." department, and this was just one more illustration of what we know to be true.

We were on our way home by 6 pm, and relaxing in our coach by 6:15.....another day in the books at TVC....Saturday, here we come.

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