Thursday, August 28, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 28 - And then there were 2

TVC Office

After Wednesday there are no more "open the TVC office" shifts for me, so I can sleep in 30 minutes more....all the way to 6 am!  As expected Wednesday was another slow day with just over 20 arrivals scheduled, and and equal number of departures.   We arrived for duty at 7:30 am, and had the double glass doors open by 8 am.  Ruth and Eric came on duty around 9:30, so we had 4 at the registration desk for most of the day, and not enough customers to go around.

Left to right: Moi, Eric, Ruth and TLE

There was an occasional flurry of customers....some registering, some just dropping in to check out the campground, some who could not fit their RV in the assigned site, and some who had RV's to put in storage, or take out of storage.  There are very few tenters in the campground right now....I can count them on one hand....but that will change starting Thursday and Friday.

A few days ago we took delivery of a new Ricoh copier/fax/printer/scanner.  The intent is that this one large apparatus will replace 2 laser printers and 2 fax machines that double as copiers.  Wednesday was the day the technician would attempt to integrate the new machine into our network, and remove the other devices, however, as all hardware/software upgrades tend to go, this one didn't.  They couldn't seem to get the correct printer drivers downloaded, and after 2 hours the effort was aborted, and the old printers/fax machines were hooked back up again so we could do business.  They will come back after the Labor Day weekend and take a stab at it again.  Hopefully, when we return next year it will all be resolved.

Quitting time seemed to come quickly and we were out the door promptly at 4 pm with only two more work days left on our schedule.  We will spend a lot of time Thursday, Friday and Sunday getting things put away in preparation for our early morning departure next Tuesday.

Around 5:30 we tuned into to watch  a live presentation by Chris and Cherie of Technomadia fame on caravaning with friends, and how to do it.  The last time we saw them in person was last summer in Polson, MT just after they had their Detroit Diesel 8V71 rebuilt.  In just a few days now we will meet up with them again at Cape Blanco Lighthouse where we will be for the next two months.

Chris and Cherie on

We watched "So You Think You Can Dance" before heading to bed.....I'm going for Valerie, the "tapper".....TLE thinks Ricky will win.....we'll find out next Wednesday evening.  How are you voting?

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