Sunday, August 24, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 25

The SLT* weather has been idyllic these past 2 weeks, and as I mentioned yesterday, there is this crispness to the morning air that reminds me of Autumn.  This is the kind of weather I could get used to on a long term basis.

The park continues to be relatively quiet and empty compared to weeks previous, but we know that August 29th, the beginning of the Labor Day crush, we will have 200 arrivals that day alone.  I'm sure many will decide to extend the long weekend by arriving on Wednesday and Thursday.  At any rate the park is completely booked except for a few lonely tent sites.

Our day # 25 in the office began at 8 am, and as Saturdays go this one was very tame.  I spent most of my day outside the office doing site checks, and continuing to finish the work we began a few days ago to bring the Storage area up to snuff, and by the end of the day Saturday we had gone as far as we could go.......I think we are in pretty good shape now.

TLE and I were off by 4:30 and on our way home.......only 5 more days in the TVC** office and we are free to begin rolling our wheels again.  I write that with some sense of melancholy as we really, really are enjoying our time here.  Nevertheless, if we stay much longer we will be in jeopardy of losing our "Nomad" card......seriously, there really is no "Nomad" card, I'm just being silly.  My point is there are still so many places to see, and people to meet.....we have only just begun to scratch the surface of this nomadic experience.  It is time to get on with it!

We spent a couple of hours unwinding from our work day  courtesy a couple of fingers of single malt Scotch, music courtesy of XM Radio's Classic Vinyl, and a muted NFL pre-season game on our outdoor TV playing in the background (Colts vs. Saints)......

Around 6 I grilled a filet mignon on the Sea-B-Que to which TLE added baked potatoes and a nicely dressed salad.  The steak came out perfectly at medium rare!  Afterwards we headed out on a walk around the campground, which we have not done now for a few weeks.  As we walked we stopped often to talk with many of the new friends we have made since we arrived back in May.  It has been a great summer, and the next two months as we head into autumn on the Oregon coast promise to be just as magical.  Before we began our nomadic wanderings we used to say Lake Tahoe was our favorite place to be, and it is still #1, but after two visits to Cedar Key back in 2012, it is now a toss up between the two.  Who knows what new place may capture our imagination over the next year?

Thanks for stopping by!

* SLT - South Lake Tahoe

** TVC - Tahoe Valley Campground

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  1. It seems that many of the places we stop at become our new favorite place....that is until we go on to another great place. Tis life on the road.


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