Sunday, August 10, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 19 - Can you Tengo?

Normally Saturdays in the office are quite hectic.....normally.  Of course, my idea of what is normal in the office is formed by a pretty short period of time in the over all scheme of things.  This Saturday was only our 6th such Saturday in the office.  The prior 5 had been mostly complete chaos, from our perspective, however the 6th one was a walk in the park.  I think the lines only got "2 deep" once the whole day, otherwise there was just a steady, manageable stream of people throughout the day.......easy peezy!

Our new manager, Duane, is settling into his job quite well and becoming "one of the guys", so to speak.  When we get a shipment of ice in he is right there with there of us forming a chain to unload and stack the ice in the "ice house".  He knows his way around our "DigiRez" software pretty well, and is working hard to remove the rough edges from the campground.  We feel like we are on a winning team now, and in a position now for a long winning streak......sorry, that was a weak attempt at a sports metaphor.  

I approached him yesterday with an idea I have been mulling over in my head for a week, or idea I hope will improve the usability of our WiFi here in TVC in the short term.  This park, like Rancho Jurupa Regional Park in Riverside, CA, uses an outfit called "Tengo Internet" to manage their WiFi access in the park.  We come across them often in other RV parks across the country.  The way their system works is they issue a coupon with a 9 digit code for each device you wish to connect to the internet.  That coupon is good for 3 days, 7 days, or a month.  Our practice has been to ask people who are just arriving at the park if they want to use our WiFi, and then how many devices they want to connect.  Typically the answer is 3-6 devices.  What then happens is each device is connected using the coupon, and stays connected for the entire time the customer(s) are here, whether, or not they are actually using the internet.  What happens then is obvious.....our system becomes overwhelmed and doesn't work for anyone then.  I proposed that we no longer ask if they want to use the WiFi, and if, and only if, they ask for WiFi, we only give them a maximum of 2 coupons per site with the explanation that we are attempting to make the WiFi better.  Duane liked the idea, and so we have begun the experiment to see if that has an impact.....stay tuned!

We finished our Saturday shift at 6 pm, clocked out, and headed "home" for the night without that "I've been drug through a knothole backwards" feeling for a change.  We are now officially short timers here at TVC, and we are having a hard time processing the fact we have been here almost 3 months now.....I know, such a problem to have, right?

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