Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Autumn, or August?

We expected "some" rain, but that is not what we got.....what we got was rain most of Sunday night, rain all Monday morning, and rain until almost supper time.  Needless to say, we did not get out at all since we still do not have our VW back.  There were no long walks, or bikes rides this day.  We did get a call from John at Higher Ground Autoworx advising the new water pump was finally delivered by UPS Monday morning, so we should have it back by Tuesday afternoon.....and that is just fine.  Frankly, the weather was more reminiscent of Autumn than the first week of August.

What do you do on a rainy day?  Open the curtains, close the windows, turn on the heaters, get out a good book to pass the time, and throw in a delicious nap here and there.  And that is exactly what we did.

There is really nothing more to report about Monday, and I guess that is how it goes on rare occasions in this nomadic life of ours.  I can imagine those campers from the workaday world, who were still coming and going in our section of the campground all day, who can't afford to let one hour of their vacation slip away due to rain, were a little miffed at rain in August here at SLT, and I totally understand that.  We almost always came to Lake Tahoe in August when it is at its warmest, and the chance of rain is normally minimal.  I remember one summer back in the mid 90's  when we pulled a tent trailer up to Sugar Pine Point (up near Meeks Bay on the California side of Lake Tahoe).  Our 480 mile trip  (there were three vehicles on that trip) was marred by flat tires, minor mechanical issues, and our anticipated first day at Lake Tahoe shrunk to just a couple of daylight hours by the time we arrived hours, and hours late.  The next day it rained most of the day......hail, lightning, and strong winds.  So our precious 5 days of fun in the sun at Lake Tahoe suddenly shrank to 3.  The wind we had been expecting to propel our friend's Hobe Cat sailboat, which he towed all the way to Lake Tahoe from SoCal for the express purpose of taking advantage of Lake Tahoe's wind, disappeared for the next 3 days, so there was no sailing as planned, either.  Ironically, it is that vacation that I still remember in graphic detail to this day for all of its failures, and problems.  The vacations that go as planned all join the other successful vacations in your memories, and all begin to blend together over time.

That is the blessing of the nomadic life.....if weather, health, or mechanical issues intervene there is always another day, or another month.  I was reading a post on Facebook about some people who are looking forward to the nomadic life, but are still presently part of the workaday world.  They just took their first trip in their 40' diesel pusher and were shocked that they were only getting 6.5 mpg.  Of course, they had set an ambitious goal of traveling a few thousand miles in just a week, or so, which necessitated them running along the Interstates at 75 mph in order to cover all the ground they had to cover in such a short period of time.....I remember those days......and I loved every minute of those mad dashes around the country, but at the end of the week, or two, or three you still had to be home by a date certain so you could return to your cubicle life, and that seemed to take all the fun out of the vacation.

In this nomadic life there is no rushing from place to place, just like there is "no crying in baseball".  If you are rushing from place to place you are missing the best part of nomadism.....I know that is not a word, but I like it nevertheless!  Allowing time for the possibility of serendipity, and spontaneity is at the heart of the nomadic lifestyle.

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