Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 22 - "Don't know where you find the time!"

Michael, a friend from our first stint at Amazon.com in Campbellsville, KY, wonders where I find the time to put words on a page each day.  If I didn't sit down at my computer first thing in the morning, every morning, to write this blog it would not get done.  I wonder almost every day "what will I write about today?", and even as I am typing now I am wondering what the fruit of today's meanderings will be.  I don't consider myself a gifted writer......like many endeavors in my life I have to work at it.....every day it seems a struggle, but somehow in about a 30 minute stretch each morning I manage to arrange enough words on the screen that make sense.

Two years, in October of 2012, ago I started blogging every day when we arrived in Campbellsville, KY to start our Amazon job.  Up until then I had only been writing an entry when we were moving every day, or had done something I thought might be interesting to others.  It was when we arrived in Campbellsville that I began to realize that our very life on the road, and how we coped with every day things "on the road" was interesting to others.  My goal at the time was to chronicle our Amazon experience in an honest, forthright manner not only as a historical record for my future reference, but for others who might be considering a temporary position at Amazon.  Since that first day I have not missed one single day....even when I was in the hospital recovering from double hernia surgery.  Obviously, after this many months of building this habit it has become a little easier, but I am finding this stretch in SLT my most difficult time in my "blogging life".  When you sit in one place for almost three and a half months there is repetitive quality that begins to seep through.  My daily struggle has become how to make one day in the TVC office seem different from another, and/or remotely interesting.

So, here we go....day # 22 in the TVC Office.....well, Monday was our first day opening the office.....errr, well, it was TLE's first day opening the office....I was just along for the ride.  My only task was to turn my computer station on and get ready to provide customer service.  We arrived at the double glass doors just before 7:30......just about the same time Billy and Sandy arrived.  Even as we scurried about the office getting ready to open at 8 am there were already people appearing at the locked doors wanting in.....some wanted coffee, which we had just started brewing, and others wanted the aforementioned customer service.

This is our first time working on a Monday, and I kind of liked the laid back nature of the entire day......all the hectic office work had happened on Saturday, and Sunday.  The list of arrivals for Monday was very small, and the list of those leaving only slightly larger at less than 50.  I helped Deb work on straightening out the RV storage area, which has been an issue all summer.

The flow of customers was pretty light all day, but we managed to keep ourselves occupied in a somewhat profitable manner.  I did my "site check" rounds over the course of the day.....the first round about 9:30, and then back out after lunch break to be sure those who had not yet departed in the morning were now gone.

In my spare time I typed up a very short 4 point instructional sheet on how to use the Tengo Internet WiFi here in TVC.  This will be especially helpful on days were the office is being "slammed" by customers, and there is little, or no time to help people get on line.

We were both off by 4 pm, and on our way back to the coach....we now have less than 2 weeks until we depart, and it almost seems surreal that our time here is rapidly coming to an end.

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  1. I have been following your blog since the beginning. I don't know about you but when you said it had almost been 2 years since working at amazon I could not believe it. As the saying goes "time flies when you are having fun." Keep on blogging so I can keep on traveling with you two.

  2. Thank you Mike, and I will keep blogging away!

  3. I started to follow you when you just before your beat season. I read many blogs, and yours nearly daily. I too find it much easier to blog when there are places to share, pictures to share...it has been hard these past four months sitting in Sacramento area, but that ends in two weeks and it will be nice to actually talk about things we see and do. --Dave (GoingRvWay.com)


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