Saturday, August 30, 2014

Departure Prep - Day # 2

Originally TLE and I were scheduled to work Saturday, August 30th, but TLE noticed they were understaffed for Friday so volunteered to move her work day to Friday....that left me on my own, and so grateful I didn't have to work Friday.  According to the office computer there were 224 arrivals scheduled.....needless to say it was a madhouse.

I began my morning a little after 8 am.....time to check the air pressure in all 10 tires (4 on the trailer and six on the coach)'s been almost 4 months since that was done, but surprisingly, only one tire on the trailer needed just  3 pounds of air pressure, and each of the coach tires only about 5.

Next up was to clean the portable fireplace and put it away, then check the generator.....yep, it still starts!  Had to top off the coolant, and add a quart of oil, and then spent about an hour removing six month's worth of bugs, and road gunk.  Then it was on to my "favorite" part of the the coach and trailer exteriors.  Fortunately the wheel covers did their job and all I had to do was wipe 4 months worth of dust off the Alcoa rims, and then the hard part began.....polishing up 100's of square feet of painted and anodized aluminum.

Around 2:30 I ran out of gas, and was, as you might imagine, quite filthy so I treated myself to a longish hot shower.  TLE was due home a little after 4 at which time our plans were to go out to eat in celebration of our aforementioned 43rd wedding anniversary.  Since the workaday hoards are invading SLT this weekend we decided to get an early start.  I asked TLE to make the decision on where she would like to go, and after careful consideration chose Steamer's Fish Taco could have knocked me over with a feather!

Happy Anniversary to us!

You would think after 43 years that I would understand that I married a "low" maintenance woman.....not that she doesn't like fine dining....she does indeed, but she loves simplicity most of the time.  We arrived just at 5 pm to find the place still pretty empty, so we picked an outdoor table and placed our order.....a pitcher of draft beer, and 5 fish tacos please!

Friday was a good day for getting things done, and remembering.....thanks for stopping by!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Clarke and Elaine! Enjoy your upcoming trip. Do you know what route you'll be taking? We've taken up residence in the SF Bay area in Richmond, CA. I doubt we're on your way to Oregon but let me know!

  2. Thank you Jeanne! We'll be cutting overt to I-5 from here and then up through Medford, OR. Will pretty much retrace that route back to Fernley, NV for the Amazon gig in November. After Amazon we may head over to the coast via I-80 which would bring us near you.


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