Friday, August 15, 2014


Before I get into Thursday I need to back up one day and relate our experience at the South Lake Tahoe DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).  When I last left off on Tuesday we had a 10:10 am appointment on Wednesday to renew our driver's licenses for 5 more years.......geez, that means we'll be 70 the next time they're up for renewal!  We arrived a little early for our appointment at 9:50 am to find the DMV relatively devoid of patrons.  We are used to the DMV's down in SoCal where the line is already out the door by 10 am, and all your appointment does there is get you in the door to wait in the next long, long line, and regardless of what time your appointment is for you can count on at least an extra 45 minutes to an hour before you get an audience with a DMV employee.  This day there were fewer than a dozen people waiting to be served.  As it turned out we were called at 10 am for our appointment and after transferring $33 each to the DMV we were done, and out the door by 10:20 am.  I have to say other than renewing by mail, this was the most pleasant interaction we have had with the DMV in our entire lives.

Fourth Saturday started off sweet, and just got sweeter.  Some days everything just goes your way.  I was in the VW at 8:45 on my way over to Lilly's Tire Center to get the two remaining locking lug bolts (I called them lug nuts previously.....they are really bolts) removed.  George directed me to park over by the air compressor, and within 5 minutes both of the offending lug bolts had been removed....WOW!  From there I drove 4 blocks to the local O'Reilly's Auto Parts store and bought two regular lug bolts, and was home by 9:30 installing the new lug bolts.

TLE decided to tackle the re-organization of our basement through storage space to make better use of it.  She is really good at spacial stuff, and already had some ideas of how to repack everything, and make room for a few more things we have acquired during our sojourn here in SLT.  By 11 am she had finished, and we now have soooo much more room in our basement through storage.

The weather was so nice we decided to pack a lunch, and ride our bikes over to the "Commons" at Lakeview and Tahoe Blvd. where we have gone a couple of times previously.  It is just a 4 mile bike ride to the "Commons" and we were there before Noon.  Surprisingly, the crowds had not yet arrived, and we were able to get a picnic table with a great view of the lake.

Sitting at the beach here at Lake Tahoe has been one of my favorite things to do since I was a little boy, and the view of the lake here at the "Commons" is one of my favorites.  When I see that view I feel like I have come's as if time has stood still all these years and I'm 6 years old again seeing it for the first time.  The air is so clear, and the horizon is so defined.

We spent a couple of hours eating our lunch, and then reading before deciding it was time to begin our meander homeward.  On our way we hit a couple of our favorite thrift shops, and at The Attic I found an almost brand new golf bag with "legs" for $6! By "legs" I mean you can sit it down on the ground and these two legs extend to keep it upright.  Just what I have been looking for......I know I haven't really played any golf since we have been here other than hitting a bucket of balls, and putting on the practice green, but I'm now ready to walk the course!

We got home around 3:30 and sat outside reading for another hour or so before it began to cool off.  I think the forecast temperature was 81, or 82, but I don't think it got much past 78 on Thursday.  I've noticed it is also getting much cooler at night again.

Thursday night there were a few more pre-season NFL games on TV, and I watched part of the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers game with the sound muted while 60's music played in the background on our XM was a magical day where everything fell into place from beginning to end.

Friday we'll get the new "shoes" on the Beetle, then head 148 miles south on HWY 395 to Mammoth Mountain for the weekend......YAY for us!

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