Thursday, August 21, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 24

So, I was thinking yesterday that we have been here at TVC* for just over 3 months and were working just our 24th day during that same stretch.  Seems like a pretty good work to leisure ratio doesn't it?  Somewhere just north of 2 days off for every day worked.  For the first time in our travels I'm not getting totally "itchy" to begin moving again.  Don't get me wrong, I'm totally looking forward to spending two months on the South Oregon coast with friends, and all the new experiences that will follow, but I'm really content to be where I am, doing what I'm doing.  If someone came up to me today and told me I have to stay one more month in South Lake Tahoe I would probably reply "Cool".  Both TLE and I feel pretty much the same way about our time here......our experience over the course of the summer has completely exceeded our expectations.  Once again we can say we have made some great new friends, and are already looking forward to spending time with them again next summer.
 Before our work day started I drove our VW over to Higher Ground Autoworx to get the oil changed, the front and rear brakes renewed, and a new oil dipstick and tube.  John will have the car a couple of days, so we'll be walking and biking during that time.  I put my Cannondale Bad Boy on the new Kuat bike rack with which I have this ongoing love affair.  I dropped the car off at 7:10 am, dropped my keys in the drop box, and then rode my bike back to TVC.....I was back at the trailer by 7:25 where I put the bike away, and then arrived at the office at exactly 7:30 ready for another day.  As I walked over to the office I noticed there was a definite crispness to the morning's beginning to feel like autumn to me.

Frankly, I think we were a little over staffed for Wednesday's workload.  We only had 17 arrivals, and around 24 departures, so Duane (our manager) gave each of us work assignments that would help get things better organized for when things heat up again next week.  I spent the entire day, much to my delight, in the golf cart going meticulously through all 406 RV/tent sites and around 46 storage sites to verify that every site we supposed was empty was really empty, and all sites we supposed were occupied really were.

Of course we are still dealing with two golf carts that between them might run a combined 3.5 to 4 hours, so I was having to return to the office every one to one and a half hours to plug in the cart I was using to plug in for a while to be sure it didn't die somewhere out in the park.  I finally finished with the last section ("A") around 2 pm and then began to work on making some sense out of the storage area.  Bill (of Bill and Debby's Wild Ride) had spent a lot of time this summer getting our office paperwork to line up with what was in the storage yard, and did a really good job at creating order out of total chaos, but there was still some work to do making sure every RV in storage had a tag that was legible, and that every tag was placed in a similar position on each RV so that anyone driving a golf cart down the dirt isle could easily verify  and read every tag at a glance without getting off the cart.  Now, the next project is to chase down those few who have expired tags by calling them to find out when they are coming to either pay what they owe to bring them up to date, or pay what they owe and remove their RV.  Most of the tags are current, but there are a few that expired back in June, July and early August that need resolution.

TLE and I both punched out at precisely 4 pm, and headed home to take a short rest and consume a couple of Margaritas before walking over to Lake Tahoe Pizza for dinner.  We ordered our usual Jackpot Pizza with anchovies on one side for me......TLE likes anchovies, but not as much as I.  It was Icky IPA for me, and an ice tea for TLE.

We were back home by 6 where I took a much needed nap before we watched the current episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" followed by "Motive" and then off to dreamland for both of us.  

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* TVC - Tahoe Valley Campground

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