Sunday, February 5, 2017

Brevity......the rest of the story

7:34 am - PST - Sunday - 49º F, humidity 68%, wind 5 mph out of NNE.....clear blue skies!  This is departure day, and the WiFi stinks right now, so I will make this a brief entry to be followed early this afternoon by my blog post for Saturday.  We will be rolling our wheels in less than 30 minutes.  Looks like a great day for travel!  Thanks for stopping by!

2:50 pm - Mountain Time - Within 20 minutes after posting the above paragraph we were on our way south to Los Algdodones, MX for our dental appointments on Monday, and to watch Super Bowl LI (51), which begins in just a few minutes, but I get ahead of myself just a little.

Our friends Steve and Candy picked us up at Crossroads Saturday for the 45 minute drive over to 'The Desert Bar'.  It takes just 15 minutes to drive the 15+ miles to the Cienega Springs Road exit off of 95, but the last 5 miles of dirt road takes a good 30 minutes......this bar is quite remote, but the drive is certainly worth it.  

I have heard about 'The Desert Bar' for years, and it is one of those bucket list things I wished to cross off this year, and when Steve and Candy invited to join them we said 'YES' immediately.  'The Desert Bar' was originally opened in 1983 in a small 3 sided building on an old mining claim, covers several acres today, and is quite a site to behold......

            The original 'Desert Bar'.....a three sides structure built in 1983

Aerial view of 'The Desert Bar' aka: Nellie E. Saloon today

 Steel false front church used for weddings

I counted close to 300 solar panels

.......they are only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm, and only from October to April each year......

 Giant 'Party Nachos' plate.....enough to feed 6.....$25

 The 'gang', Steve, Candy and TLE

Live music courtesy Sidewynder....a country western band

 There are 3, or 4 food stations....this is where you order the 'Party Nachos' plate

Half moon 1 pm (MT) the live music began......we snagged a table right next to the stage, and then Steve and I went to fetch the 'Party Nachos' plate........they only accept credit cards, and no ATM, so bring lots of cash.....nothing is cheap......domestic beer is all they offer (Bud, Miller, Coors) and they are $3 each.  The band, Sidewynder, played for a few hours.....we left during the second set, but I thoroughly enjoyed their music, and musicianship.

 Basist - Billy Latta

Lead guitarist.......he was very, very good - Steven Yates

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist - Jeanne Nowak 2:30 we were ready to head back home arriving there just before 3:30 pm (MT).  I spent the rest of the day putting more stuff away, including stowing the solar panels so that we could make a quick getaway first thing Sunday morning.

We loved our 7 days on the Colorado River, and enjoyed getting to know Parker and Lake Havasu City......we will be back!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Next time when you're in the area, head up to Oatman Arizona, on old Route 66, an old mining town. Dive past it towards Kingman,visit old mines, and past the peak, there are old old gas stations, converted into museums. Road only for VW - narrow
    W switchbacks. Interesting area.


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