Sunday, February 12, 2017

Settling in.....

7:22 am - PST - Sunday - 52º F, humidity 65%, wind - calm......clouds on the horizons, but mostly sunny to start the day.  Will get our batteries back to 100% for sure today!

Good morning!

Saturday was a delightful day to be in the Anza Borrego began quite cloudy, but was not very cold at all.  Gradually throughout the day the sun came out, and by sundown it was cloudless from horizon to horizon once again.

We spent the morning getting our campsite more organized for our 3 week stay, worked out, and then drove into the village of Borrego Springs around noon time.......

There is a traffic circle as you enter town called 'Christmas Circle'

The traffic circle as seen from the air (internet photo)

.....we've been coming to Borrego Springs since about 2006......this little town is nestled between two small mountain ranges.....the Santa Rosas on the north and the Vallecito Mountains on the south.  There are cool little shops everywhere, numerous restaurants.....all with very good ratings, and many site seeing points of interest.....we are going to attempt to cover many of them over the next three's just a nice little town in which to take a walk on a sunny, balmy day.

A map to give one perspective on Borrego Springs' location in relation to the large metropolitan areas of SoCal

.....we walked around the village for about two hours, then drove into the state park campground to check out their dump station facilities as we will need to dump our black tank before our 3 week interlude expires.  They charge $10 to dump ($1 off if you are a senior), the facility has easy ingress and egress and includes a fresh water station, which we may, or may not need by then.

We were back home by 2 pm.....I spent the better part of what remained of the afternoon disconnecting our trailer from the hitch and moving it back about 4 feet using the Trailer Valet so I can easily walk from one side of the coach to the other without having to step over the hitch.  The added advantage is when I am in the trailer the Newell will not be jostled around as it is when the trailer is on the hitch....does that make sense?

Around 3:30 pm our niece, Caroline, called to interview us regarding our nomadic lifestyle.  She is a freshman at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA and will be giving a speech in her speech class about the fulltime RV culture in which we have membership.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of her questions, which showed me she had done some research.  We talked for the better part of an hour before bidding our adieus.

We capped off our day with our first campfire....the wind died just after I started the fire.....nothing like good timing.  We sat watching the evening stars reveal themselves once again while listening to the 'Siriusly Sinatra' station on Sirius/XM Radio....what a great end to another day well lived.

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  1. Gila you are enjoying the area again, I was told yesterday that there is camping and a dump station at the Legion, might be worth your while to check it out. Have fun.


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