Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"You and me and rain on the roof....."

7:12 am - PST - Tuesday - 51º F, humidity 73%, wind 8 mph out of the northwest.....sunny skies overhead, with a few clouds on the horizon.....four days of sun forecast for the Borrego Springs area!  It was still raining when we went to bed around 10 pm last night, but we woke up to sun beating in the windows......a little breezy, but typical after day of rain.

We woke up Monday to rain, and that gentle rain continued without abatement all day long and after 10 pm last night.  It never rained hard, but it was always steadily present.  Of course, any outdoor type plans were out the window....we haven't taken a rain day in quite a while, although there have been more this winter than we would have expected.  Nonetheless, one of our favorite rain day activities is reading, and that is mostly what we did until early evening.  Another great rainy day activity is scanning and filing important paperwork we have received in the mail recently such as year end tax statements, W2's, 1099's, medical receipts (and we had a boat load of those), registration renewals, etc., so with TLE's help we took care of the scanning business before we settled into reading books.

Our house batteries began the day at 91%, and since we knew we would have zero rays from the sun dancing across the surface of our faithful solar panels I turned on the Predator.....not just to recharge our batteries, but because it was cold and we needed to run our gas furnaces to keep the rainy chill out of the salon area of our coach.  I went out to check the fuel level in the Predator around 12 pm and added about 1/2 gallon to top off the 1 gallon fuel tank.....the generator ran continuously until 10 pm Monday night on 1 gallon of gas, and there is still gas left in the tank!  Since the batteries were so close to being fully charged when I started the Predator it remained on low idle all day long, but getting 10 hours of run time off one tank of gasoline is amazing.....I love that generator!  Had we not had the Predator we would have been running the big Kohler generator and probably consumed close to 6 gallons of propane during that same time period.  With our old Honda 1000w generator I would have had to go outside every 3-4 hours to refill the tank as it only had a 1/2 gallon tank and only had one speed....full bore.

Monday marked our 17th day in this location.......our 17th day without dumping our black tank (we have trickled our gray tank into a nearby rat hole) equaling our prior best duration when we were at Lone Rock near Lake Powell a couple of winters ago......Tuesday will mark a new endurance record for our black tank, and we are relatively confident we can make it another week before we must dump, and that coincides exactly with our planned day of departure.

We capped our rain day off with a wonderful chicken soup courtesy The Lovely Elaine.....she had made the 'stock' boiling chicken bones a month, or so ago.  I don't know if I have ever had better tasting chicken soup.

I will leave you with this video.....listen to the sound of the rain on our aluminum roof.......

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