Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Oy Vey!

3:50 am - PST - Wednedsay - 46º F, 73% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the northwest.....can't tell if it is sunny.......why am I up so early????  Why, why, why?  Well, when we made TLE's next dental appointment (8 am, March 1st) we imagined we would be in our motorhome at the 'Q' (Quechan Casino) just a few minutes from the border and Los Algodones, but we changed our minds and decided to stay on Rockhouse Road and drive drive down for her 8 am appointment......yes 8 am......Arizona time, which means we have to leave our campsite at 4:45 am California time (5:45 am Arizona time) to make the two hour drive and arrive on time.....oy vey!

So what happened Tuesday?  We awoke to clear blue wind swept skies, and along with wind swept skies you have......wind.  Not bad wind, but wind in the 10+ mph range, and that my friends meant no tandem ride once again.  Nevertheless, I was outside by 9 am attempting to speed up the drying out process and cleanup the mess the rain created.....I had to bundle up against the windy cold conditions.

Around 11 am we drove into town to pick up some more drinking water, and some water for the fresh water tank.  We are down to about 70 gallons which should more than last us the final 7 days we are here, but I wanted to add another 5 gallons anyway.  The black tank continues to do well, and once again I believe we will easily make it another week before we have to dump it.  So on all three fronts.....electrical, fresh water, and waste water.....this boondocking stint has been completely successful, and we have learned so much more about our electrical system!

By the time we returned from our town foray it was about 12:30 pm and I decided to take a 20+ mile bike ride.....the wind had died enough for me, but not enough for TLE.  I repeated the 24 mile ride I did last week which was in much more windy conditions as you will recall.  I managed to average 14.5 mph for the 24.1 mile ride and burned just under 1500 calories.  By the time I returned it was around 2:15 pm, and I was ready for a nap!  By the time I put the bike away, changed my clothes and took a nap it was almost 3 pm and the day was just about over once again.  

While we were in town getting water TLE went in the Center Market to check out their meat counter and found they had a couple of good looking filets for under $11......killer deal.....they looked to be tenderloin center cuts.  I lit the Sea-B-Que around 5 pm, and was grilling them by 5:25.....while I was doing that TLE was preparing side of onions and squash.  The filets were oh so tender and we had a wonderful meal while we listened to Trump's first 'State of the Union' address, which I thought was his best speech to date.  Now it really comes down to whether he can deliver on his promises.....that remains to be seen.

Due to the need for an early rise Wednesday we were both asleep before 9 pm......and now you right up to date!  Time to get dressed, and in the car by 4:45 am.

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  1. Good luck with the dentist and the long drive there and back.

  2. Sounds like you are still having a wonderful stay on Rockhouse Rd. Wishing you a safe journey today.


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