Friday, March 3, 2017

The devil's in the details.......


7:42 am - PST - Friday - 50º F, humidity 48 %, wind 3 mph (if that) out of the west northwest.......a few clouds on the eastern horizon, but otherwise sunny!  High today forecast to be 79º F.....things are warming up!

Finally a day without wind......that was Thursday....and finally a day to take a tandem ride....and we did.  TLE announced that she would be ready to ride at 11 am so I spent some time tuning up the Cannondale tandem, and puttering around camp until it was time....then we were off in a cloud of dust.....well, maybe a few sand particles were displaced......:-)

We opted to ride Henderson Canyon Road all the way to where it intersects with Borrego Springs Road, and where the road into Indianhead Horse Camp begins.....when we were taking our tour of the metal sculptures the other day we stopped at the dragon not realizing how much more there was to see, so we were determined to see everything we had missed before, plus take some more detailed pictures of a few of the sculptures......


As one might imagine each sculpture is numbered

 Literally the last sculpture on the road to the horse camp....#67

 I love how it literally looks like this raptor is running right at you!

.....all of the preceding pictures were after the dragon/ glad we went back to see the rest......the other day when we were at the dragon is was the end of a long tour, and I did not take time to get but one, or two shots from a distance......this dragon deserves a very close look as the attention to detail becomes more and more obvious the closer one is absolutely mesmerizing.....

 Amazing detail!
 TLE is getting concerned

The 'Mouse that Roared'

 One of my favorites....workers tending grapevines

......I am so glad we took this final tour on the tandem......riding at 10 mph you see a lot more than you would all we covered around 16 miles on the tandem, and had a delightful time stopping, walking around the sculptures and noting all the amazing detail.....have I said it was amazing?

We were back home by 1:30 pm.....I spent some time renewing the weather stripping on four of my bay doors using some weather stripping I bought at Home Depot back when were near Yuma.  I've only got about 6 more bay doors to do, but who's in a hurry, right?

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading outside in the wonderfully balmy felt so good to just sit with the sun on my back, reading and occasionally looking up to see how the lighting on the local mountains was changing their appearance......such are the things that give me pleasure.

We have now been here on Rockhouse Road for 21 days with 4 days to go before our official is surprising to me because it does not feel as if it has been so long......there is a sort of timelessness one feels here on the day blends into another.  The feeling of well being envelops me physically and is one of the rare times I have no desire to leave a place.

Thursday morning our batteries began the day at 82% of full charge, and were back, onct again to 100% before we got back home from our tandem ride.  We have about 55 gallons of fresh water remaining in our 160 gallon tank.....our black tank has plenty of room left for our last 4 days.

We capped off our wonderful day with a sunset fire and were joined by Becky Schade and her friend Brian (sp?).......we had a wonderful time talking for over two hours.  Brian has been a fulltimer for about 7 years, and he is still a young guy.  I love to meet younger folks who haven't waited until their 60's to hit the road and live a more deliberate life.  I find myself being envious that they discovered and embraced this lifestyle at such an early age.  Thank you Becky and Brian for an entertaining evening!

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  1. Love the sculptures there always amazing to check them out. So nice to meet up with fellow young full-time river's. And going full-time at a younger age is the way to go, I was 56 Suzie 49 and now on the road in our 11th year and just can't think of a better way to live.

  2. Aren't those sculptures awesome? The detail just makes you stand and relish in his patience and drive. He truly must love the work/pleasure. Glad your batteries are getting charged. Yes, we wish we could have started on this lifestyle a lot earlier than we did.

  3. Envy the time you have had there. The views of the mountains on Rockhouse Rd are beautiful and when the clouds join in it is breathtaking.


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