Tuesday, March 14, 2017

'The Beatles!

8:31 am - PDST - Tuesday - 63º F, humidity  28%, wind 1 mph out of south.....yup, that's about right....clear blue skies with a forecast high of 87º F......got to bed in the 'AM', and, therefore, got up late.

Around mid morning Monday TLE and I headed out for our daily walk.....I have set aside my desire to ride my bike whilst here in Las Vegas as there really are no bike friendly streets where we are, and with the expected heavy traffic in downtown Las Vegas, as one might imagine, it does not feel safe to me.  This time we decided to head directly out to the street and walk the perimeter sidewalks around The Orleans 3 times......3 laps, if you will.  It took us an hour and 18 minutes to cover 4.7 miles (3 laps), and according to my Strava program we burned about 853 calories.......

.....by the time we finished, and freshened up it was around 11:30 am, so we decided to head back into The Orleans to talk to a few more classmates from our college days ('67-'71).  Once again the time just seemed to melt away as I moved from one conversation to another.  We actually drove two friends out to take a tour of the Newell (Todd and Horst) before returning to the ballroom for another round of conversations.

Before we knew it we needed to head downstairs to 'Alder & Birch' (fine dining) for dinner with friends Ross and Tammy at 5:30.....we ate early knowing we had to be out front at the taxi stand at 8:15 pm to ride over with a group of friends to the Mirage Casino to see the Cirque Du Soleil presentation of 'The Beatles - LOVE' show.  The food was just scrumptious (a little costly, but certainly more than worth what we paid) I had the Wild Pacific Salmon.....OMG....the conversation flowed for two hours, but then it was after 7:30 and TLE and I needed to get back to the Newell, change clothes and return by 8:15 for our taxi ride over to The Mirage to see the aforementioned show.

We arrived at the Mirage about 8:30......just time enough to have a drink before they began allowing those of us there for the 9:30 showing to enter the theater.....we were seated by 9:15 eagerly anticipating the start of the show......

$79 + several feels bringing the total to $107

Entering the theater.....

 In our seats and ready for the show to begin

......of course, the show began right on time and for 90 minutes we were swept along in a tidal wave of sensory overload as one Beatle's song after another swept across the stage wonderfully interpreted by the Cirque Du Soleil performers.  It came to an end all too soon, and hardly seemed like 90 minutes had passed.  We thoroughly enjoyed the show, and if you love the Beatles and their iconic music you will love this show!

We taxied home by 11:30 pm, but were so wound up we didn't get to bed until after 12:30 am.....thanks for stopping by!

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