Monday, March 6, 2017

'Everyone knows it's windy....'


5:22 am - PST - Monday - 47º F, humidity 59%, wind out of west at 6 mph.......blew all night.....just began to let up about 10 minutes ago.....up early to head for Los Algodones and our final dental appointment of the spring.

Sunday began cloudy and uncertain, but then the winds came again and blew the clouds away by 9 am, and we had sun, but we also had the wind gusting to 20 mph throughout the day, which added to the fact that Sunday was also 'pack it up' day made it an interesting day.....especially when it came time to turn over the awning mats to dry their undersides (still damp from the rain a week ago, and then eventually fold them holding large sails.....:-)

Originally Sunday was supposed to be cloudy with a chance of rain, but, as I said, the wind changed all that.  Initially, due to the forecast I had turned on our Predator generator, but when the clouds suddenly disappeared over the southeastern horizon and we had sun, I shut it down and let the sun take over.....we were back to 100% by 11 am, so I decided to go outside and turn on our Norcold 'refer' to cool down the beer.  As I stepped outside I noticed two folks standing off about 50 feet admiring our coach, so I walked over to introduce myself to them.....they were Peter and Linda from St. Louis......they used to own a 1986 Newell which looked a lot like ours....they now own a 2001 Prevost 42' coach and had just arrived a day, or so prior.....remember seeing them arrive.  At any rate, we talked for about 1/2 hour until the wind and its attendant chill drove us back to our respective abodes.  Always nice to meet someone who knows and appreciates Newell Classics such as ours.

As the day progressed I stowed our stuff away (chairs, tables, BBQ, etc.) that had been outside, stowed the bikes in their travel positions, folded and put away, with TLE's help, the awning mats, cleaned and put away the portable fireplace, and then at the very end of the day, using the 'Trailer Valet', dropped the trailer back on our hitch in preparation for departure on Tuesday morning.

Also, in preparation for our departure on Tuesday, we drove into town once again around 4:30 to top off our fresh water containers.........where we are going the city water has a very high alkali content, so we will haul in 12 gallons of drinking water, and also fill our fresh water tank with 150 gallons of potable water down at the ARCO Travel Center when we dump our tanks on Tuesday.

As we returned home just after 5 pm I caught this great shot of the Newell with the moutains and clouds in the background.......simply beautiful.......

.......of course, the ubiquitous wind was still there and increasing in ferocity as the sun was slipping over the western mountains.  The wind blew hard all night, and at times rocked the coach, but we both slept well......time to get ready to head to La Dentista!

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  1. Yup it was windy just about everywhere out here yesterday, today looks much nicer. Travel safe and good luck with the dentist.

  2. Great day coming I think. Still windy here but nothing like yesterday, so far. Enjoy!

  3. Nice pix, Clarke - especially the last one!

  4. Safe Travels.
    Great picture of the Newell with the mountains as a back drop.

  5. Your coach looks majestic in that last picture!
    We're on our third day with 30 + mph winds here in Florida.


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