Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fade to black......

6:31 am - PDST - Thursday - 62º F, humidity 37%, wind 5 mph out of southwest.....forecast high is 86º F with sunny skies.....up early as today is getaway day.....time to roll our wheels once more changing our view without going through escrow!

By Wednesday morning my tank was running on empty.....after three consecutive days of talking, renewing friendships, and just generally having a great time I needed a break from social interaction, so while TLE walked over to The Orleans to the ballroom where our reunion was being held to see who was there I hung out at the coach doing my workout, and then about 11 am decided I was going to take a walk to the local USPS (about 1.9 miles distant) to mail my check for my annual Elks Club dues.  I'm sure I could have dropped it in the mail at The Orleans, or in the mail box a block away, but the whole point was to take a walk.  Just about the time I was getting ready to roll TLE texted me saying she was on her way back, and would I wait for her so she could walk with me.....why sure!

She arrived a few minutes later and we were off at a brisk pace across Holman to Decatur out to Flamingo and over to Jones where the USPS was located......along the way we passed Rochelle Ave. reminding me that we'll seeing our lovely daughter-in-law and the rest of our kids and families in just a week, or so.....see you soon TAR*......

.......just as we were walking into the USPS I got a call from my good friend Tom Carrozzo asking if he and his wife could take us to lunch before they headed back to Los Angeles.......I knew it would take about 45 minutes for us to retrace our steps, and told him so......he said that would be fine.  We arrived back at the Newell about 12:45, and Tom and Claire were there shortly thereafter.  We drove over to the local Cracker Barrel restaurant to have 'breakfast for lunch'.  We had a wonderful time talking and reminiscing, but all too soon it was time for Tom and Claire to begin their drive back to L.A.....they dropped us back at our coach around 2:30 and we said our 'until next times'.

All of TLE's siblings are also in town and her sister Phyllis' birthday was Wednesday so we contrived to have a surprise birthday celebration for her at Alder & Birch where we had eaten the other evening......all of those who were to surprise her met around 4 pm for cocktails at Alder & Birch and it was TLE's job to lure her down from her room on the pretext of having a birthday drink in the bar......

The siblings.....left to right: Creig, Read, Laureen, TLE and Phyllis, the birthday girl

Phyllis was surprised!

.....just about 5 pm TLE arrived with the birthday girl and the surprise was all we had about 20 folks (family and friends) for dinner, and had a great dinner and conversation for about 2 hours.....what a great time!

Around 8:30 we retired back to our coach, and were joined by 8 from the dinner....we sat sipping some scotch (some vodka) and conversing until after 11 pm when we called it a day.

So, stick a fork in me...I am done, and turn out the lights, because the party is over....thanks for stopping by!

*TAR = The Amazing Rochelle

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