Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"Break on through to the other side!"

6:33 am - PST - Tuesday - Departure Day! - 43º F (yes, quite cold this morning), humidity 74%, wind 4 mph out of the west northwest.....feels totally calm.....forecast high for the Rockhouse is 73º F.....a nice travel day.

As you know from yesterday's intro we were on our way driving southeast to Los Algodone and our final.....yes final.....dental appointments this year.  For me it was a simple teeth cleaning appointment ($35), and for TLE it was the installation of four crowns ($1,100).  The drive was completely uneventful, and we arrived at our parking spot along Los Algodones Road by 10:10 am Arizona time.....since we had time we chose to park on the street and walk the 1/2 mile to the border crossing plus the additional 1/2 mile to Dr. Eva Urena's officina.  My appointment was at 10:30 and I was taken in right on time......within 30 minutes my teeth had been cleaned, and polished and I was given a clean bill of health.....no cavities, no issues of any kind.  Then it was TLE's turn (11 am).......I pulled out my Kindle to read for what I believed would be hour, or so, but within 30 minutes TLE was back in the waiting room.....two of the crowns needed to be redone, and that would take 90 minutes so we walked down Calle 'B' to a little coffee bistro we had seen on our many walks over the past two years to get some coffee and hang out there.....the coffee was wonderful, and I wish I had taken a picture of the little courtyard in which we sat.......very charming.

After a little over an hour we headed back to Dr. Urena's office......as it was it took another 45 minutes before she was called back in, but within 30 minutes TLE emerged with a brand new smile, and was (is) she ever happy!  George (Dr. Urena's husband, and office manager) remarked that we were done.....no more major appointments.....our mouths are once again in good shape, and now all we need to do is have our checkups next year.....YAY!

By this time it was about 2:10 pm Arizona time and we had plans to meet good friends Forrest and Cindy (of Louisiana fame) for a late lunch at Prison Hill Brewery.  They had just arrived in Yuma a day ahead of their dental appointments.  Originally we thought we might have hang out in Yuma for a couple of hours until they arrived, but TLE's crown delay put us pretty much on time.  We have known Forrest and Cindy for about 7 years, and a few summers ago traveled with them (when they still owned their Newell) into Alberta, Canada for almost a month.

After clearing customs (the line was quite long by this time) we were on our way into Yuma arriving at Prison Hill Brewery a little after 3 pm.  We sat talking (catching up....we haven't seen them in two years) and eating until just after 5 pm Arizona time (4 pm PST), and knew we had to get going to get home before it got too dark, so we bid our adieus and were one our way for the 2 hour drive home, arriving back at the Rockhouse just after 6 pm (PST).

It was great day that went almost as planned, and now we will be rolling our wheels once again to new places.....we've got a lot planned for the next two weeks and we cannot wait to get started!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S......I finally broke through that weight threshold where I had been stuck for a week!

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