Thursday, March 2, 2017

La Dentista Otra Vez.....Otra Vez.....

6:37 am - PST - Thursday - 45º F, humidity 54º, wind 3 mph out of the west northwest......cloudless skies from horizon to wind to speak of.....YAY!

As we merged from S-22 on to SR-86 at 4:10 am it was, of course, still very the time we hit I-8 65 miles later the sun was just coming over the horizon......just in time for the eastbound leg of our trip......right into the rising sun for the last 45 miles of our early morning journey.  We arrived at the Quechan parking lot at precisely 6:45 am (7:45 am Arizona time) and made the 5 block walk over to Dr. Urena's office in 10 minutes arriving 5 minutes before 8 am Arizona time.....Dr. Urena and her staff arrived a couple of minutes later, and by 8:05 am TLE was in the chair getting the last of he crown prep done, and then her impressions for four she emerged from the back room it was 9:25 am Arizona time (8:25 am PST) and we were on our way out the door scheduled to return at 10:30 am March 6th for the installation of her four crowns.

I left my watch on PST time so after getting through customs in record time we were back at the car by 8:45 am and on our way back home.  We made a quick stop off in Brawley, CA at the local Super Walmart to pick up a few things before continuing our journey home.  We arrived back at the Newell around 11:30 am with half a day still ahead of us.

We had made a date with our Fernley, NV Amazon friend Becky Schade (Interstellar Orchard) to hike up to the stone snake sculpture......the trail there is not very intuitive, and this is the second time we have offered to guide someone up there.  I always enjoy our time with Becky, and am always so impressed.  She used to be a Veterinarian Tech in Wisconsin, but decided a number of years ago she wanted to travel in an RV and live a more deliberate life, and so she did some research, bought a Casita trailer (she calls her 'Cas') and hit the road working seasonal jobs.........this is the third time our paths have intersected with Becky's and we count it a blessing each time......

The ever ubiquitous 'usie' to memorialize our hike

......Becky met us at the Newell around 1 pm and we were off!  The .75 mile hike takes about 30 minutes and there you are staring at a humongously long stone replica of a diamond back rattler.  We were back at the Newell by 2 pm and then sat chatting until after 3:30 when it was time for me to get busy working on our employee list for TVC this summer.  We hope to get together with Becky one more time before our paths diverge for a sunset fire.  At any rate, thank you Becky for being you!

I spent about 90 minutes finalizing some information to transmit to Miguel, our new manager at TVC effective February 28th.  Last year Miguel, retired Army MP, was our head ranger at TVC, and I was his assistant.  Miguel has been promoted to Manager for the 2017 season, so even though he is our 4th manager in 4 years, we at least know him, and have worked with him, and we pretty much see 'eye to eye' about how to run the park so we are excited about working with him this summer.

Around 5 I went outside to smoke a cigar accompanied by an adult beverage and watch the sun set over the western edge of the planet once is one of my favorite things to do here on the 'Rockhouse'.

The only TV we watched Wednesday evening was 'Hunted' was the season finale and out of 9 two person teams, 2 managed to evade capture for the entire 28 day period winning $250,000 in cash.  I was fascinated by the show, and how difficult it is in today's world to live off the grid, and to avoid detection.....a lot of food for thought as 'they' say.  I was heading for 'slumberland' by 9:30 am, with TLE following a short time later.

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  1. Nice to get that dentist over and done with early in the day and back across the boarder with no lineups.
    Another Hike to the snake is always fun, we did it last year but could not get Suzie to do it again this year. Love the clear blue sunny skies here as well.

  2. Bill needs work on his teeth so hoping to get through this summer at home and go see Dr.Eva in the winter. We also loved Hunted, it was so exciting to see those two teams win!! Not fair that after they got their $$ that they still had to make a run for it.

  3. Clarke, what sort of cigars and/or adult beverages are you consuming that allow you to witness a sun setting in the east? :)

  4. Apparently pretty potent!


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