Sunday, March 26, 2017

The whirlwind.....


7:17 am - PDST - Sunday - 52º F, 92% humidity, wind - CALM.....what a completely different environment we find ourselves in this week!  Heavy overcast with a promise of sun by noon time.

Day two of our whirlwind return to SoCal was well underway by 8:45 am as we drove with Chris and TAR* over to the Mt. Rubidoux trailhead for another speed walk to the top and back down.....this time my daughter Kate, her husband Nick, and her three children joined us.....Nick pushed the baby (Jolene Rose) in a stroller whilst Elijah and Charlise ran circles around the rest of us.....once again TAR* was first to the top.......

Another Rubidoux family summit! (left to right: moi, Kte, TAR*, Chris, Nick, TLE, Elijah - front row: Charlise and Jolene Rose

......Saturday's temperatures were even lower than Friday's....the high was somewhere around 66, or 67º F with partly cloudy skies.....a perfect day for a hike.  On the downhill side I walked with my daughter Kate and we talked and talked......the views, as always, were the long views.

We were back at Rancho Juruapa by 10:30.....Kate and Nick rented one of the park model cabins for the night in preparation for her husband Nick's birthday bash later in the day at Chris and TAR's site.

Chris' son Christopher arrived shortly thereafter with my latest batch of mail and of the packages contained the new 12 volt electric motor to replace the failed one that powered the large 'attic fan'.  I quickly set about transferring the large fan blade from the old motor to the new, and then installed the entire works like a charm and TLE is once again a happy girl......she loves that fan!

I also, for the first time in several months, set up my bike stand as it was time to give my Cannondale Bad Boy a deep cleaning.  I've put a few hundred road miles on her over the winter and there is a lot of road grime to be cleaned off the crankset, chain and 9 speed cassette......I had just finished cleaning the crankset and reinstalling it when a friend of Chris and TAR's*, Phillip, dropped by to ask me a lot of questions about our full time lifestyle....we ended up talking for about 90 minutes really getting 'into the weeds' on the subject....I suspect we will be talking more over the next few months.  

By that time it was closing in on 3 pm and I realized it was time to head over to Chris and TAR's* site for the aforementioned birthday festivities, so I got cleaned up and headed over to find the party well under the afternoon wore on more and more family and relatives arrived including my daughter Meredith, and Tim, my son, accompanied by Laila, his fiance.....we love Laila like one of our children and are so looking forward to her wedding to our son this October.  There must have been 30 people there at one time.  We had a wonderful birthday celebration, and I spent time moving from one conversation to another.  About 9 pm TLE and I called it a day and returned to the Newell for the evening where I promptly fell asleep in my recliner only to be awakened about 11 pm by TLE advising she was going to bed......sigh....time to get up, set up the coffee maker and head off to dreamland once again.

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*TAR = The Amazing Rochelle

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day with family. A perfect kind of day.


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