Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Run around......

7:04 am - PDST - Wednesday - 56º F, 42% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the east southeast.......clear blue skies.....projected high for today is 87º F.....a warm one!

The forecast Santa Ana winds never materialized here in Rancho Jurupa Regional Park, but this did up in Fontana where we briefly found ourselves early afternoon, but I get ahead of myself.   We had a number of errands to run Tuesday (haircuts, mail, Costco, Fontana Elks, etc.) and were on the road by 9:45 am heading for Claremont and the Forté Salon for our 10:30 am hair's not that many miles, but were talking just past the morning 'rush hour' traffic, so you never know whether it will take 25 minutes to 20 miles, or 45 minutes.  We have known Amanda since she was a wee one, and she is one of our honorary daughters, so it's always great to spend time with her, even in her professional setting.  She really knows hair, and I have to say no one does a better job on my hair than she does......

Thank you Amanda!

We were on our way back across town by 11:30 making  a quick stop at my son's office to see if we had any new mail, then down to the local Costco to pick up some of our favorite coffee beans, and some Fagé yogurt for TLE, then it was back up to Arrow Highway and eastward to the Fontana/Rialto Elks lodge to check on our membership card renewal which is due 4/1/2017.....we will need that card when we begin our journey north along the California coast to stay at Elks Lodges along the way.  Unfortunately, our membership renewal card was mailed out late last week, so we hope it will be at my son's office Wednesday as we are leaving Thursday for Ventura.

We were back home by 2:30 pm and beginning to think about putting stuff away for our Thursday morning departure.  About 4 pm TLE said she was concerned our 'black water' tank was (the toilet) makes a certain sound when you flush it when the black tank is almost full.  I'm thinking "How can that be?" as it has only been 6 days since we any rate she asked me to go out and check, so I did.....not only was the black tank full, but so was the gray water tank!  I am standing there trying to figure out how that happened, when it occurs to me that we have been using our RO* water purification system since we arrived at Rancho Jurupa.  Suddenly a light goes on......we have no sewer RO* system creates 1-2 gallons of 'waste' water for every gallon purified, which is why we don't use it when we have no sewer hookup.....the gray water tank filled up and overflowed into the black water tank filling it to capacity.....doh!  For whatever reason we had a collective 'brain fart' after almost two months of no sewer hookups and made a mistake.  So, here we are with sundown approaching and we need to unhook, drive over to the dump station and dump both our tanks......sigh.  It took us about 30 minutes start to finish and we were back in our site feeling silly about our mistake.

We watched a few episodic programs on prime time TV and were in bed by 11 pm.....thanks for stopping by!

*RO = Reverse Osmosis

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  1. Over filling the back tank can disastrous , has happened to me twice, my god what a mess, hope you did not have a major clean up like we did.

  2. Clarke, I noticed you used the royal "we" when talking about your tanks being full. :)

  3. Clarke, finally got around to trying out my new Mothers Power Ball on my coach wheels (a purchase inspired by one of your blog entries). I've always used a right angle polisher and elbow grease in the hard to reach spots. I was a little skeptical as to the durability of a foam polishing ball but I have to say - this thing's the quill! I was pretty aggressive with my polishing and can see no sign wear/disintegration anywhere on the ball. I used Mothers aluminum polish but I see Mothers bundles the ball with their "Metal Polish" and a microfiber towel in their combo-pack. Wondering which you use and if you've tried the other.


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